I had a completely different post ready to roll for today, but like everything in life – you have to go with your gut and what inspires you.  So after having a fun and enlightened conversation with one of my peers at Yoga Training this weekend I thought I would post a story that she shared with me about Thomas Edison that gave me an Oprah “ah ha” moment: One day Thomas Edison came home and gave a paper to his mother.  He told her “my new teacher gave this

Rain, rain and more rain.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love rain (I mean, beyond the reason of wearing a great pair of rain boots).  It’s like the universe sending a message to us to slow down and turn off the autopilot mode we all seem to be in.  If it doesn’t slow you down it’s a good reminder that circumstances aren’t always ideal, but sh*t needs to get done anyway. Balance, flow – however you want to describe it, for me seems to come in giant waves –

If you are feeling self conscious, question your abilities, let fear of failure get in your way or just generally feel like you are falling behind remember this:  none of us totally know what we are doing or where we are headed but we all seem to be doing the same thing, looking to who is ahead of us (sigh) and running for dear life.  Ah hm, have you ever stopped to think about what you are running for? It’s Cross Country running season here in Canada and as a

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?  I mean – that dark hair, that glowing fair skin, that beautiful voice…..but I digress……that’s not what I am talking about, unless made up Fairy Tail Land is your kinda thing.  If you are anything like me, you walk past or stare into a mirror numerous times a day.  The reflection?  sometimes fascinating and sometimes frightening depending on the time of day, but it’s not really so much about the actual reflection as much as it is about the

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