I don’t go shoe shopping often but when I do I am always drawn to the impractical pair. The spike heel, 3″, open toe, ankle strap shoe that was probably designed to be worn by the Housewives of New York or on the latest episode of the Bachelorette. So when a pair of lace up, nude spike sandals caught my eye I decided to take a different approach. In the past I would have completely talked myself out of them. You know the typical lines that you would say: Where are you going to wear them? They are so impractical; You need to get something less exciting that you can wear all of the time; You’re a mom (ah – something you should never use as an excuse I might add), blah blah blah.

So here is the thing, I realized that this impractical shoe shopping fiasco was very similar to how I have lived most of my life – practical, safe, and overall not THAT exciting (I’m fun, but I would not consider myself to be dancing on the tables kind of fun). This shoe shopping experience was so representative of how I used to live my life. Living with the “need” to live a practical and safe life (for who or why I am not really sure).

As I stood in the middle of the shoe store with these beautiful high heel sandals on these are the thoughts that were running through my head:

Shoe Devil: Seriously – where are you going to wear these? picking your kids up from school? You are going to look like an idiot!

Me: Yes, yes I am going to wear these to school – and to the grocery store, and out for dinner…..ok great, now I need to book a dinner reservation, and buy an outfit to go with them. Great – these shoes are now going to cost me $400! But I LOVE THEM. [Note: I don’t really care too much about looking like an idiot, but I’m pretty sure you have figured that out already]

This moment made me realize how much I had changed. Six months ago I chose to buy the impractical and fun “shoes of life” (its a metaphor, stay with me). The “shoes of life” that might not seem practical when you start weighing them against the other options in front of you, but you know that when you put them on you are in love with them, they feel great, they represent you and who you are and most importantly you feel like your true self in them.  You might be a bit wobbly a first, you need to break them in, and people might even stare (i.e. judge) but overtime you find your stride.  So much so you could probably run a marathon in them.

My advice to you is to not listen to the Shoe Devil (Note:  this Devil might also show up in other forms such as Insecure Devil, Don’t Eat That Dessert Devil and You’re a Bad Mom Devil.  Always be on high alert when she makes an appearance, and in all cases you should never listen to her – there is a reason she has that name) and instead buy the impractical shoes. These impractical shoes represent so many moments in life when we talk ourselves into Plan B – the practical, safe, unadventurous, predicable path of life. I’m here to tell you my friend, life is not meant for comfortable, practical and anything less of what you feel truly represents you – and it certainly isn’t meant to be lived in boring walking shoes 😉

Once you settle into those 3″ stilettos (ok, maybe a wedge this season) start taking notice of all of the moments that you talk yourself out of something and why. Because if the reason is simply “impractical” I would guess that some of the most exciting and happy times in your life came while wearing a pair of these oh-so-impractical shoes (um, one word – Cinderella).

How many times have you talked yourself out of the impractical and fun option for a safe and predictable one?  and what sort of high heel risks (for the record, you’ll only be a few inches higher off of the ground) are you going to start to take in this life?