Motherhood as it should be lived.  You know – career, marriage, dog, baby, career, baby, career, baby (what?  wait – isn’t 2 the acceptable and responsible limit of kids that you should have?), you get the drift. Living in an era of Pinterest boards, social media highlight reels and the pressure to have it all is setting unrealistic standards and expectations for the modern day mom, often leaving us feeling as though we are falling behind in all areas of this Motherhood gig.  Add on the other titles to our signature line that include wife, boss, co-worker and friend and you suddenly find yourself asking the question “wait, can I even have – and be, it all”?

CBC’s bold new comedy Workin’ Moms tests the modern ideal that women really can have it all, all while bringing lightness to the very real and heavy topics of Motherhood through an unfiltered lens.  Ah hm, a very unfiltered lens.  As the series follows the lives of four women we get to see glimpses of ourselves in each of their story lines.  Whether it is an identity crisis (ah hm), a huge job opportunity, postpartum depression or an unplanned pregnancy (I secretly wish) – the cast allows us to relate to them as moms as they face the good, the bad and the unpredictable.

The honest perspective of Motherhood that Kate (Catherine Reitman), Annie (Dani Kind), Frankie (Juno Rinaldi) and Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) deliver as they juggle love, careers and parenthood gives us a sigh of relief and genuine feeling that we are all in this together and are facing the same challenges as moms when life throws us that 100-mile curveball.  Every episode delivers what you know were inspired by real-life experienced moments – from post-breast feeding boobs, to throwing your stroller into the back of the car (while dropping the f-bomb), to the grandmother who doesn’t necessarily “agree” with your approach to motherhood – this show leaves me in tears,  laughing until I hurt week after week simply because I am literally watching my life unfold right in front of my eyes. 

It’s about time someone took the reins and started presenting the honest perspective of Motherhood otherwise known as real life.  CBC’s Workin’ Moms delivers more than just the polarizing and unexpected realities of being a workin’ mom.  It delivers your life being played out, highlighting all of the aspects of Motherhood that go undiscussed and often hidden behind the social media highlight reel.  It allows you to see firsthand the ridiculous judgment that we cast upon other moms (uh huh – like you’ve never done it) and where we need to do better at bridging the gap that unites us. 

Whatever label that you put in front of “mom”:  stay-at-home-mom, workin’ mom, single mom, step-mom, stay-at-home-workin’ mom – we are all in this together.  The good, the bad and the unpredictable.  My hope is that moms can see the challenges that are presented to us and find some lightness, grace, humour and acceptance of both ourselves and our fellow moms.  Thanks to CBC on taking the lead on a timely conversation that needed to be started.