Despite what one might think, the Isla Pearl x Smithery Style White Party was actually NOT entirely inspired by the famous P. Diddy (Puff, Sean Combes, Puff Daddy, Puffy – you know, all of the above) and his even more famous “Hamptons White Parties” – but was in fact inspired by a champagne induced “white-clothing-capturing-photoshoot” on a Monday night. This is what happens when you surround yourself with the inspired and the driven, even the most innocent of intentions such as capturing a few white pieces can turn into a full blown party in a matter of minutes.

I’m not going to lie, the party itself was full of all of the feel-good-fun-vibes you could imagine, but it wasn’t as superficial as one might think based on first sight. For anyone who had the pleasure of attending, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who didn’t (and are having a serious case of regret for not attending or FOMO) we have a full recap for you.  But here is the thing, Isla Pearl x Smithery Style is about so much more than “pretty things and pretty parties”, we are about purpose, we are about intention, we are about something much bigger.  So with that being said we’re breaking this party down step-by-step, intention-by-intention – because the reality is, anyone can throw a Pinterest-worthy party but can you throw one that leaves people with the feel good vibes long after their carefully crafted white ensemble has been covered in white powdered donuts and the champagne has dried up?

Our first of the Isla Pearl x Smithery Style White Party Blog Series is dedicated to “Your Tribe” because I believe that so much of what we do, the feelings and energy that we create are because of the Tribes that we create. That without them, life would not be nearly as exciting or fun, and parties and celebrations like this would never come to be. Your Tribe will either aid in the manifestation of your life or it will leave you in a state of status quo. I suggest you take stock ASAP using a few of these lessons as a reference point:

Lesson: “Coming together with kick-ass people and sharing your resources, your ideas, your connections, your know-how, your enthusiasm, and your snacks can take you all much further and way faster than if you were working on your own” ~ Jen Sincero 

If you spend any time in the social media world these days I’m sure you have come across a little hashtag known as #womensupportingwomen. Its one that really sticks with me, that resonates with me and one that I often feel is “over used and misunderstood”.  Women supporting women is about so much more than a “like or a comment or a share” (often with the intent of raising your exposure and/or algorithm). Its about truly working with, along with and in support of one another. It stems from a belief that there is enough success (ah hm, in abundance) for all of us and by coming together for the greater good means that everyone will benefit in a positive way.  Take a hard look at the women who surround you and make sure you are all on the same page – in my case, the generous, the creative and the big thinkers (who also love to drink champagne…..but this is more of a bonus category).

Lesson: “Surround yourself with generous, creative, big thinkers” ~ Jen Sincero

Parties like this would not be as “jaw dropping” (someone else’s words, not my own – I’m often completely underwhelmed by creative talents) without the generous, creative and big thinkers. These are the kind of people who see a blank slate and turn it into magic – who don’t just ask what they can do to help but come with ideas and consider the task at hand an opportunity to challenge and grow themselves. They see these opportunities to be a part of something bigger than themselves without asking the question of how it serves or benefits them. They are the ones that say yes without hesitation and jump in with both feet. These are the people who like me have a passion for what they do and want to surround themselves with those who feel the same way.  These are people like M&R Catering who generously provide creative talents in the form of “white inspired” food from Creamy Cold Potato Parfait Cups to Cream Cheese Mousse Pita Bites and consider it to be an honour to be asked. Surround yourself with people who jump in without hesitation simply because they cannot help themselves.

Lesson: “Hang out with people who are going places, who understand and support the path you’re on, who are your new tribe” ~ Jen Sincero

There is a big difference between attending a party and hosting a party. As the host your roll is to make sure everyone is having a good time and has what they need (note: thanks to my husband who also assisted in this by making a special trip to the LCBO mid-party), as an attendee your roll is to soak it all up and enjoy it. As the host you kinda jump around and participate in conversations that were already underway before making your way onto the next one.  You are a part of everything but nothing all at the same time.

The one aspect of being a host that I have yet to Master is being able to soak up all of the benefits of the party while being “in it”. I had this one moment – an Oprah “ah ha” moment of sorts during the party when I had to run upstairs to get something.  When I walked back down the stairs I could not help but be overwhelmed by the glaring realization that was in front of me. That outside of a handful of women in attendance at the party (and by handful I mean about 5 of the 60+ who filled my home) the rest of the attendees was made up of women who have come into my life within the past year or so. Women who started to show up and come into my life when it started to take a different path. Women who understand and support the new path that I am on and are cheering me on along the way.  When life takes sudden and unexpected turns there will be people that “fall off” and who don’t hold on to ride along with you and that’s ok. We all have a path and life to live – live it with a tribe who wants to live it with you.

Next week I’m talking about why your Intentions – your why, are the most critical piece to not just throwing a feel good party build an essential building block for designing your life.