All that matters is what’s true for you, which is why getting really good at listening to your intuition and your heart, and following your happiness, is critical ~ Jen Sincero

You know those parties that you get invited to when the moment the invite hits your inbox you kinda “cringe” just a little bit? (its ok, you’re reading this without anyone seeing you – you can nod in agreement). Even when it might even be something that you love or at the very least even “slightly” interested in, you suddenly fill with the same feelings that show up the moment the guy in the mall is coming at you with the latest skin cream that will forever change you life (insert sarcasm). Warning signs go off in your head and your already curating your list of excuses as to why you can’t go. But you kinda want to go. But it might be a trap. I get it and I hear you.

Here is the thing about life – energy is aligned with your intention. Your pure, real, 100% no-wavering from intention. So IF the intention of the party is to sell a bunch of stuff that people don’t need or feel pressured to buy – that is the energy that will surround it (gasp!). If your intention is to gather a bunch of women together for a really fun champagne infused night out (with the only expected outcome being “fun”) – that is where the energy will lie, along with everything else that comes after it.

Most parties start with a reason (or in my case, “excuse”) to celebrate. Birthday, Anniversary, White Party – clearly they all stem from from the same place, the intention to celebrate. Clearly, so our White Party was no different. Sure one might be lured by the champagne, professional hair styling bar and white chocolate Oreos, but we had a different intention that what meets the eye.

The serious (okay, just serious-ish) side of our White Party was the opportunity to dive into the symbolism of a clean slate. You know, like if you had zero baggage and no inhibitions, how would your life look different than how it looks today? The questions included this:

  1. #StopSayingYesToShitYouHate – What are your top two things that you want to start saying “no” to?
  2. Are you surrounding yourself with people who make you feel better, who lift you up, who support you?  Who are the people you need more of in your life?
  3. If you weren’t afraid of failure, whats the thing you secretly wish to throw yourself into?

The best part about this? The letters were signed and sealed by our guests and will be mailed to them 3-months from now as a gentle check-in (ah hm, reminder or hit on the head) on all of the promises that they made to themselves.

Get really clear on your intentions – your “why” for everything you do in life. From your job, to your clothes to the parties you throw. When you believe deeply in something, connect to it and revolve everything you do around it, your life will be handed to you on a silver platter (or in this case, a white platter) exactly how you imagined it (a lighter version of the word “dreamed”). Start to take side steps away from the superficial masks of life (ah hm, a White Party) and add some depth and purpose to it. Elevate your life by connecting to your Why and your intentions and your life will start to evolve in ways that once dreamed about.