About a year ago a picture came across my Instagram feed that caught my attention. I mean, the picture itself was cute, but it was the content that had me hook, line and sinker. It was different than everything else that seemed to fill my feed – it had character, it had weight and it had intention. When I hopped on over to their account I was shocked to see that it was a Styling & Clothing Brand. There was no mention of seasonal must-haves or hashtags that included “#ootd” or “#socute” but instead “#designyourlife” and “#liveauthentic”. Safe to say I started social stalking them immediately until I wore them down and they agreed to a first date. I didn’t know how or what, but I knew I needed to collaborate with them (I secretly call myself their intern but they don’t know it) and luckily for me, the rest as they say is history.
I talk about it a lot surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. The kind of people who believe in you, support you, but also push you. For me, Smithery check off all of those categories (and then some).  Surround yourself with these kind of people:
  1. The Inspired.  This means that they are living a present life and tuned into what is around them. They are appreciating and noticing life for what it is and choosing to live in it instead of through it.  It means that they see opportunity in everything around them;
  2. The Excited. Energy alignment at its finest. You know how they say that you feed off of energy? without going into a spiritual/scientific explanation, its true. You want to up your #goodvibesonly game, surround yourself with the excited crew.
  3. The Grateful. For time, experiences, opportunities, friendship, parties and champagne. If you aren’t grateful for all of the amazing things in your life (ah hm, for which there are many) than you need to find a new game plan.

Beyond the Style & Clothing (ah hm, which I love) is the fact that they get me and the bigger picture. So even though we joined forces to throw an epic White Party (I don’t use the term epic lightly – or often) they were also all over the opportunity to dive into the symbolism of a clean slate. So what did we do? We gave our White Party attendees a task.
The one serious-ish thing that we had at the party was a station where attendees could write a letter to themselves that we will mail back to them in the Fall (gasp!). An opportunity of a gentle check in at the turn of the seasons to be sure that “the slate” looks exactly as you want it to (ah hm, feel free to drag and drop the image below to your desktop for quick reference).
  1. If you had zero baggage, no inhibitions, how would your life look different from how it looks today?
  2. #StopSayingYesToShitYouHate – what are the top two things you want to start saying no to?
  3. Are you surrounding yourself with people who make you feel better, who lift you up. who support you? Who are the people you need more of in your life?
  4. If you weren’t afraid of failure, what’s the thing you secretly wish to throw yourself into?

Probably questions that we never really stop to ask ourselves, but probably should. The tough questions that ask us to dig deep, get real and personal with ourselves. Take the time to check-in whether it be daily, weekly, monthly. Make sure you check-in on the things that matter and what you are surrounding yourself with.  If you did, how would your life look differently from how it looks today?