“Your life is about to change.”

You know, that one liner piece of advice that everyone seems to offer up the moment you announce to the world that you are expecting. Except this little piece of advice comes with a tone of:  good luck with that, an eye roll and of course a gentle head nod partnered with a fake smile. Our world did change, but not in the way that this advice was intended. Did we go go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, not sleep through the night, see each other at our worst, feel sleep deprived and at times look at one another not knowing what the heck we were doing – yes, absolutely (um, everyday) but all of the positive “changes” that these 3 kids brought to our life was worth every moment that we have experienced over the past 9 years.

Our life did change, but for the better. Is it perfect? no. Did my youngest just eat ice cream for breakfast out of the container?  yes.  Yes he did, and I may have also had a scoop or two myself (hold the gasps and judgement). Our life for the most part feels like running a marathon hungover from the lack of sleep and fuelled on coffee.  So after this past weekend of giving all of myself for these 3 little souls I decided to come clean on what I REALLY want for Mother’s Day this weekend.  Without the guilt and judgement (mostly from myself).

Here is what I really want for Mother’s Day this year, and I bet a few of you out there are nodding your head in agreement:

  • An entire day to myself. And by “day” I mean week (maybe month). No commitments, no responsibilities, no wake up time, no clarification (for the 3rd time) on what we have on the calendar that day. Nothing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on Mother’s Day, but I want a day to myself.
  • No whining, crying, complaining or challenging.  Just be perfectly happy and content children for an entire day. You know, kind of how the Royals look in their portraits, minus the 1950’s outfits.
  • The entire house clean. No, no – this does not mean wiping YOUR crumbs off of the counter top.  It means like “Spring Cleaning” level of clean, every drawer, closet, surface and laundry done…..not just in a basket, actually folded and put away (because laundry in a basket does not = laundry being done).
  • Go out for a meal.  But only if everyone abides to the rules established in #2.  Otherwise it’s not really going to be worth it.
  • My car cleaned out. As a professional chauffeur to my children my car is disgusting.  Empty coffee cups (used as a distraction tactic for the youngest), half eaten timbits, wrappers, mud stains (on the back of my seat from it being kicked).  Maybe those responsible for its state should also be responsible for cleaning it up.
  • Honey Do = Honey Done.  Without question.  We have rationale for the things we want done, we don’t need to explain ourselves.  Have you not heard the line “Happy Wife, Happy Life”?
  • A Shower. By myself without a toddler climbing in with his clothes on or standing there with the door open while he cries for something. I want the bathroom to myself with the door closed and locked with no interruptions. This includes not having anyone knock on the door repeating “mommy” like Sheldon does on the Big Bang Theory while I am in there
  • Flowers.  Cliche, maybe.  But I love fresh flowers around the house.  It makes it feel alive and fresh. I don’t want a mortgage payment worth of overpriced roses, I want something simple, beautiful and unique.
  • To feel 100% valued and appreciated. For one day, maybe two. Not in the form of a hallmark card that has been written by someone else (likely a woman).  I think we underestimate as moms how much we do in a day.

What do you REALLY want for Mother’s Day this year?  For the record, there is no judgement on this end 😉