When I turned my back on my career a year ago I was so lost (like think identity crisis mode kind of lost).  As sad, upset, frustrated, excited, happy and stressed out (I know, basically describing PMS – right?) as I was, I kept on reminding myself that things will work out the way that they are supposed to.  So I started doing all of the things that I tell other people to do.  You know – like believe in yourself beyond measure; just take one small step in the right direction; you don’t need to have a plan, you just need to start; you know, those things.  The things that you hear all of the time and either brush off, or feel as though they were the exact words that you need to hear exactly when you hear them.  As much as I was saying these things and telling them to myself there was always a side order of “what if” attached to them (you know, fear – and that little bit*ch otherwise known as your subconscious that likes to rear her ugly head when the conscious part of you starts to gain momentum).

What if?  when a what if creeps in what side of it are you looking at – all that you have to gain?  or all that you have to lose (um, make that potentially lose, because you don’t actually know if that’s true)?  (side note:  be honest with yourself).    Mine was like an gravitational pull straight towards what if you royally screw this up?  or what if this doesn’t work out?  So what did I do?  clearly I moved forward even though that giant magnetic pull was trying to hold me back.  Do you know what happens?  you work harder and you push harder while not really feeling as though it is work at all because what you are doing is what you are passionate in and believe in.  You still with me?

Whenever that self-doubt settles in start to challenge it – or at the very least notice it and then question it (like big time).  Instead of the conversation being what if I fail?  turn the thoughts into what if this turns out to be the most amazing thing that I’ve ever done (I mean, other than marrying my husband and having my 3 kids….just in case they are reading this 😉 ).  Start to take steps, even the most smallest of steps – towards whatever it is that you want more of in your life.  Manifest it.  Time, experiences, friendships, work – whatever it is, it is yours to manifest.  But you need to surround yourself with things and people who inspire you, who push you and who believe in you (side note:  these are not the naysayers or who also contribute to your what if self-limiting beliefs).

You think I’m crazy?  crazy is giving into the what if (as in what if I have no evidence to support that what I am fearing might actually come true).  Manifest the sh*t out of your life.  Day in and day out.  Seriously.  It’s time.