With Fall in full swing (and by full swing I mean freezing cold mornings and sweating through every layer of clothing you are wearing by noon), it means the depth and richness of colours come out in pretty much everything from lattes, to leaves to style. I for one could not be more excited about the colours of the season and the opportunity to layer a sweater and blanket scarf over everything. Add a pair of booties, sunglasses and a Starbucks latte and you too can channel your inner blogger/influencer Instagram shot.

A few weeks ago I asked my friend to tag along with me to check out one of our favourite brands Pink Martini. The opportunity to scope out the Spring line (um, it’s amazing – but I’m sworn to secrecy….I’ll I have is the photos I took in my head) and shop their latest Fall collection. I would imagine this experience would fall into the category of “like a kid in a candy store”, and for a girl who loves organization as equally as I do style, the fact that clothes were categorized by colour led me to be inspired to do the same in my own closet. After settling into my regular comfort zone of cream, white and black I asked the question “so what is the colour of the season?”. At first I was a little skeptical of this “burnt orange” hue however the fact that I left with a bag (and by bag I mean “bags”) full of all things burnt orange, safe to say I got over the initial shock. My personal recommendation (and I’m not a stylist or professional but my friends at Smithery are) is to build a foundation of good basics in colours like your go-to’s (for me this is white, cream, black and denim – yes, I consider denim to be it’s own colour category) and then use colours of the season – like burnt orange, as your layer. To add interest, a seasonal twist and in my case – a conversation piece.

My lesson is this. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, especially when it comes to style. If you love it, wear it confidentially, whether or not it’s the colour of the season. Which one are you going to step out and try this season?