Well, next to Christmas this is basically my favourite time of year.  The time of year when stores of full of great finds for a great deal. Otherwise known as the time of year when you should stock up on basic essentials for a steal that will carry you through the entire year.  Here are a few of my favourite finds this season (or ones I bought a long time ago full price and sobbed in horror when I saw them on sale):

  1. White Distressed Denim. These have otherwise been re-named to the “Magic Pants”. They pull on, they are stretchy and they “lift, tuck and suck”. Although not on sale, they are practically a steal and Smithery could barely keep them stocked all season. Grab yourself a pair now so you can start next summer off on the right foot and get a few weeks of wear out of them before Labour Day hits. That is, unless you are a rule “breaker” and wear them straight into September which we fully approve of.
  2. Booties. My favourite and most comfortable pairs of booties are from Nine West. Back in my stuffy corporate days I would walk that boardroom all day long in a pair that I still wear to this day (yep – that’s like 3+ years later). They aren’t going out of style anytime soon and you can wear them with everything from jeans to dresses.
  3. The Essential Tee. I have owned mine longer than I care to admit. I have it in white and layer and wear it with everything. Fitted enough to not look sloppy and long enough in the front and back to cover just about everything you want and need to cover. You know what I’m talking about.
  4. The Ballet Flats. I cannot WAIT to get these out and onto my feet this Fall (um, particularly on my Girls Weekend away – want to know more and get in on the fun? link here!). The best part about these shoes (other than channelling your inner ballerina all day long) is that they come with 2 different colours of ribbon AND you can take them out to just have that everyday ballerina flat look going on. These shoes are soft like butter and I plan to spend a lot miles walking in them.
  5. Dress. But is it? I wear this “dress” on it’s own in the summer with sleeves rolled up and then come the fall/winter/spring (yep – that means its an all seasons dress similar to tires if you don’t live in Canada) I roll them sleeves down and throw it over a pair of skinny jeans. So comfortable, so effortless and so versatile. You’ll love it and wonder how you ever lived a day without it.
  6. Jeans. I will fully admit it. I am a jean snob. I am and I am not ashamed to say it. People ask me all the time if these jeans (and by “these jeans” I mean this brand) is worth it and my answer time and time again is YES! The stretch, the hold, the style, the shape – the every single thing you want in a jean is in these jeans. Every time I have “settled” by taking the cheaper route (I’m not going to name names), I have been disappointed and always circle back to Citizens of Humanity. Yep, the price is lofty at full price FOR SURE which is why you need to scoop them up now while they are a quarter of the price.
  7. Slides. Easy peasy, throw on shoes that go with everything. I became a huge fan of white slides this year. Fresh feel and go with everything without thinking about it.
  8. The Bomber.  Yeah, yeah I know the last thing you want to do is talk about jackets but this jacket (in various colours and lengths) has become my go-to favourite for ALL SEASONS. Yep, definitely not something they advertise on the tag but it is true. I was wearing this jacket in the evening in May during my son’s baseball games and threw it on last week. Down-filled, light-weight, not bulky and stylish. Similar to my sunglasses and lipstick decoy of looking “put together” I now use this jacket as well. Throw it on with your black yoga pants and suddenly you look like a character from Real Housewives (I mean person….not character – clearly).

What are some of your favourite Summer finds this year that you are going to carry you through the Fall?