A few months ago I hosted my first Isla Pearl Lifestyle Day: Personal Style Edition. On more than one occasion that day I was told that it was the first time that they had seen somebody’s Instagram feed represent their “real life” as well (I’m sorry – what?). Don’t know what I’m talking about, hop onto my Insta feed and you will quickly see the signature palette that I (and as a result, the rest of my family) live in. Creams and blush, all soft – and based on what I am told – welcoming. Its not a coincidence that we gravitate towards the same palette. Whatever it is, it speaks to you and represents you in your everyday life – Insta or not.  For the sake of proving my case (and apparently making Blog Posts more “inviting” by having pretty pictures) I have selected real life pics from my Insta for you (insert eye roll and sigh).
This is what I have been told by my friends at Smithery Style:
“Having a signature palette is NOT boring.  In fact, its an excellent stye strategy.”
Here is why:


It’s a time saver.  Everything mixes and matches so you have a higher hit rate when putting outfits together. You are way more likely to build a beautiful look when you can worry more about the silhouette you’re creating and less about “do these go together?’.

You buy fewer items. Say WHAT? It’s a lot harder to justify neeeeeeeding that cute new top when you literally have one just like it (guilty as charged). The tighter the colour palette, the less likely you’ll be to drop coin on something that serves the exact same purpose in your wardrobe as something you already have but is disguising itself as a must have because it’s a shiny new colour.

You can invest in better pieces. It’s just plain logical that fewer pieces in colours you know you love and will wear a billion times over means that you can spend more on those high quality additions to your closet. This is one you don’t even have to rationalize. It’s just math people.

It becomes your brand. Like I said, check out the insta feed. It literally happened without intentionally happening. Fashion designers, arguably the most stylist people on the planet, typically stick to a signature colour palette (and outfit formulas*, as Smithery calls them but that’s for another post). They know that there is appeal and value in creating and enduring look that is just you.

You feel like “yourself”. Cue the giant sigh of relief. I mean, is there anything better than that?

A successful palette should have a grounding neutral (cream, navy, black, grey, etc) and a handful of secondary hues that work with your neutral and ideally work with one another too (for me, that’s pink, silver, gold, sage).

Now feeling motivated to get started?
Look in your closet – more specifically the pieces that you actually wear and love the most – that should give you an answer to your primary and secondary hues. Other hues are the colours you gravitate to most in your home decor. And if you want to go the extra mile, book yourself a Colour Consult with a stylist to understand what colours look the very best on your skin tone and hair colour. It’s like having someone do your fashion horoscope and a game changer when it comes to shopping. Oh, you don’t know a Stylist that could do a Colour Consult? coincidence – I do, her name is Suzanne and she is Your Shop Girl.  You’re welcome.
Outfit Formula: An outfit formula is the go-to combo of pieces that work for your shape and reflect your ideal style. Think of it as the building blocks to create a desired silhouette. When we have a handful of outfit formulas in our back pocket, it makes both shopping and getting dressed wayyyy faster.
Live by and love your signature palette. What’s yours?