From the moment I stepped foot into Nine West Canada I knew that there was so much more that just the beautiful shoes that had my attention. I’ve always been a big believer in shoes completely transforming my day and how I carry myself through it. From a killer pair of heels that put me in boss mode, my dressy sneakers that say to the world “I’m getting sh*t done but I want to look good in the process”, to bare feet in a yoga class or teaching a yoga class that literally represents stripping it all away and connecting to whatever it is that you need to connect to in that moment. Shoes connect us to the different parts of us that we need to access and tap into to become our best selves.

So when I walked into a Nine West Canada location a few months ago and saw their #STANDOUT campaign I was hooked… – line and sinker. In addition to being a big believer in shoes transforming your day, I also believe in being inspired and listening to those reactions, responses and emotions that poke at you (similar to that of a child when you are on the phone – yep, you totally know what I am talking about). Nine West Canada’s #STANDOUT campaign was one of them. Immediately I started forming a list in my head (because seriously, who doesn’t love making a list so that you can check off all of your accomplishments) of all of the women that #STANDOUT in my life. Particularly those who have rallied, supported, challenged, and cheered me on for the past few years. These are the kind of women who #STANDOUT. The kind of women you want to surround yourself with. The kind of women you want (and need) in your life.

So this week is all about this beauty and creative talent (and the apparently much nicer and less outspoken sister), my sister – otherwise known as Erin from Erin Interiors. Her story is similar to mine and it wasn’t until I started to step out and away from my career a few years ago that I realized she had really cleared a path for me, much like everything in life that came before (but lets not give her too much credit, I think it might be an official role as the older sister). After working for years in the Advertising industry she decided to walk away from the career and name that she had built for herself to follow her passion and love (ah hm, sound familiar) for Interior Design. In less than a decade she has a thriving business with a team that continues to grow almost by the minute (well, almost). I remember her saying to me a few years ago to “just start” and the next steps will reveal themselves. I mean, we hear it all of the time right – to follow our passion and just start without having all of the details or perfect plan in place. Pretty safe to say that Erin is the perfect example of this.

So why does she #STANDOUT? This mom of 3 tossed aside her career to focus on what mattered most in her life and with that followed her passion for what she loved to do. She followed her intuition and kept on moving forward, and forward, and forward (you get the drift). She isn’t someone who will boast about her success or even talk about her epic plans or goals (like I said, she’s the quieter and less outspoken of the two of us) but she is continuously evolving and growing. For her clients it means that they get to work with someone who listens and somehow manages to merge dreams, needs and budget into a beautiful living space. She creates spaces that people love to live in, including ours. I will never forget the day when I sat in her office and said “well, if we do our kitchen I will definitely have to go back to work” and without hesitation she said: “Or not. What if? What if you didn’t go back….”. At the time it felt like wishful thinking, maybe even a dream. But that simple “what if?” was just enough to make me rethink everything that was in front of me, my options and taking a chance on that gut feeling that was inside of me. We did do our kitchen and I didn’t go back to work. Taking action on that “what if?” literally changed my life. For the record I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my home is featured under the category of “Fresh Start” on her website.

Want to check out some of her stunning work? She will be decorating a home that she designed for the annual Station Gallery Holiday House Tour on November 18, 2017. An event that draws a crowd, a lineup and a lot of inspiration to kick your holiday decor into overdrive. Want a chance to win tickets for you and 3 friends? Head on over to Instagram and enter to win!  Want to skip the anticipation of waiting to see if you won? Get your tickets here.

Follow along over the next few weeks for the #STANDOUT women in my life. The ones you need to know and follow – but you can’t steal them, they’re mine 😉

P.S. We decided if we were going to pose for a photo we were at least going to do something that we never get to do, but dream of doing – sitting on a couch (ah hm, without children) with our favourite lattes of choice (mine has a lot my sugar, remember? she’s the nicer one).

P.P.S. She is wearing the Quarryn booties (ohhh that rich blue hue that is so on trend for Fall) and I am wearing the super comfy, versatile and show stopper Savitra booties, both from Nine West Canada.

P.P.P.S. Who is that #STANDOUT girl in your life? The one who just starts without hesitation and keeps taking steps towards living her passion and her dream?