From the moment I stepped foot into Nine West Canada I knew that there was so much more that just the beautiful shoes that had my attention. I’ve always been a big believer in shoes completely transforming my day and how I carry myself through it. From a killer pair of heels that put me in boss mode, my dressy sneakers that say to the world “I’m getting sh*t done but I want to look good in the process”, to bare feet in a yoga class or teaching a yoga class that literally represents stripping it all away and connecting to whatever it is that you need to connect to in that moment. Shoes connect us to the different parts of us that we need to access and tap into to become our best selves.

So when I walked into a Nine West Canada location a few months ago and saw their #STANDOUT campaign I was hooked… – line and sinker. In addition to being a big believer in shoes transforming your day, I also believe in being inspired and listening to those reactions, responses and emotions that poke at you (similar to that of a child when you are on the phone – yep, you totally know what I am talking about). Nine West Canada’s #STANDOUT campaign was one of them. Immediately I started forming a list in my head (because seriously, who doesn’t love making a list so that you can check off all of your accomplishments) of all of the women that #STANDOUT in my life. Particularly those who have rallied, supported, challenged, and cheered me on for the past few years. These are the kind of women who #STANDOUT. The kind of women you want to surround yourself with. The kind of women you want (and need) in your life.

This week is all about this ridiculous #STANDOUT beauty and soul Carol Baxter owner of Glow Yoga & Wellness Studios. When I picked up the phone a year or so ago to inquire about her Yoga Teacher Training it actually had very little to do with hearing the details of the program, I just wanted a feeling. A gut feeling that quite honestly has lead me to the biggest moments, opportunities and experiences in my life – and this was no different. I think the only thing I actually do remember from that conversation was when she said: “you will walk out of this training vibrating at a higher frequency”. Um, in that case I’ll sign up twice ;). When I look back on this past year I know how much of my success, confidence and energy has come from being in her presence. I have never worked with someone who consistently pushes me forward, calls me out and challenges me (she’s basically relentless!). Whatever she thinks, dreams and wants out of life she manifests it and she has inspired me to do the same. Nothing is impossible and nothing is too far out of reach. Yoga brought me to her, but she has brought so much more into my life. She has lead me and everyone she teaches to shed the layers of yourself that no longer serve you, to own all parts of you (the good, the bad and the really bad – if you so choose to label them) and to move through whatever it is you are feeling. I can tell you that when you live this way – on and off of your mat, you will absolutely vibrate at a higher frequency. And I can tell you first hand that when you vibrate at a higher frequency, that is what your life attracts.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself” ~ Edmund Lee

This girl has some exciting news to share today – news that will impact the lives of so many more people in a positive way. I for one could not be more happy and honoured to be a part of it. Want to hear more about what we’re talking about? Head on over to Glow’s Facebook Page to hear the news, and while you’re there you might want to check out my next workshop: The Law of Attraction ~ Raising Your Vibration & Getting Present.

Who is that #STANDOUT girl for you – the one who pushes you forward, calls you out and challenges you? Follow along over the next few weeks for the #STANDOUT women in my life. The ones you need to know and follow – but you can’t steal them, they’re mine 😉.

p.s. Not only do you need this kind of girl in your life, you also need these Nine West CanadaQueddy” boots. Much like yoga, they too might just change your life.