Everyone deserves a chance to shine; some of us just need a little help finding our light.

I was introduced to Shine The Light On by my friends at Smithery Style one day when I somehow managed to sniff out a t-shirt with the words “Gratitude Over Everything” on it during an otherwise fancy Holiday inspired photoshoot. Safe to say I didn’t take it off and with that I wanted to learn more about this brand that shared in so many of the same messages about life that that I do.

Shine The Light On (STLO) is more than a brand – it’s a cause.  After suffering from depression for years, STLO’s founder Eli Brown was inspired to create a product that sparked conversation, build a community and that ultimately shines the light on mental health.  When you buy STLO, you become a part of their cause. When you wear their clothing you become part of their community.

I am proudly teaming up with STLO to raise awareness and join their community of reducing stigma and shifting the topic of mental health to a place of acceptance because I believe that we all deserve the opportunity to shine and ultimately find our light.

Struggle. Survive. Thrive. The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.  Shine The Light On (STLO) was born out of a desire to connect, share and take the stigma out of mental health.

Soft. Comfort. Casual. STLO’s clothes are made in Canada with the softest fabric and washed twice to ensure a lived in feel.

Go Forth. Pitch In. Give Back. At STLO, they want to shift the paradigm and redirect the conversation from reducing stigma to acceptance.  They want to stop the negative attitudes that people living with mental health issues face.  By wearing STLO, you are engaging in the change that is needed to overcome limiting beliefs and prejudices.

I’ve teamed up with Eli from STLO for an Instagram giveaway to raise awareness, spark conversation and ultimately shine the light on mental health. Join this growing community with me by sharing it’s message.  Hop on over to Instagram for your chance to win a STLO shirt and help shine the light on mental health.