You know the moment you spot that beautiful pair of shoes, bag or embellished dress and you immediately think to yourself “I love it, but it’s not practical?” (well, the embellished dress might be a stretch). When it comes to accessories and the things that we layer on ourselves – the things that speak to us and our personality, why is it that we immediately start talking ourselves out of them? Personally I think this conversation – the one that has us talking ourselves out of things that we love and are drawn to, holds a lot more meaning. Seriously, let’s stop for a second and think about the last time you fell head over heels in love for something and immediately silenced it with conversation that may have come in the form (but is certainly not limited to): Where am I going to wear it?; I will look ridiculous; I’m not _______ [whatever} enough to wear that; and the list goes on, and on, and on. When was the last time you fell head over heels in love with something and told that voice in your head to shut up, bought it and then owned it like you were Beyonce on stage complete with hair-blowing fans. I know, me too. That is, until this entire Holiday collection from Nine West Canada came into my life. #truestory.

I am a mom of 3 who works for herself doubling as an entrepreneur and yoga teacher. I of all people “do not need” fancy shoes in my life, IF I were to base this on the definition of practicality alone – which I never do. I am the girl who casts aside the definition of whoever she is supposed to be the minute I walk into a shoe store. I am the girl who gravitates towards the high heels (preferably sparkly) that were probably designed to be worn by a Housewife of New York cast member. So when this “modern and ethereal with a dramatic twist” collection appeared in my life, I knew the conversation of “practicality” was about to rear its ugly head (thank goodness for ORENDA to silence “her” for a bit as a practical, yet #STANDOUT compromise).

So here is the thing, when you come face-to-face with a dreamy pair of shoes I want you to pause and notice the dialogue that starts to surface. Stay with me here. Up until a few years ago this dialogue was a theme that could have been applied to almost every area of my life – practical, safe, and overall not THAT exciting (I’m fun, but I would not consider myself to be dancing on the tables kind of fun). I mean, if coming face-to-face with a pair of shoes surfaced dialogue that included talking myself down, in what other areas of my life was I doing this? (sigh – um, all of them just for the record).

As women we have these moments when our true excited selves rise to the surface. And just as quickly as they do we immediately direct ourselves away from what excites us towards the more practical and safe version. My advice to you is to not listen to that voice – the one that leads you to anything other than your gut instinct….even if it is a 3″ open toed stiletto that you plan on wearing while you bake cookies over the Holidays. Buy and do what speaks to you – because these “things” as they might seem, they represent so many moments in life when we talk ourselves into something a little more safe, a little more “everyday” (what the heck does that mean anyway?), a little more predictable and a little more practical. All things that are a little less you. Once you settle into those stilettos (ah hm, anything that goes by the name THAYER in my humble opinion), those beauties that speak to you and light you up? I guarantee you, you will start to step into your life in a different way.

Life is not meant for comfortable, practical and anything less of what you feel truly represents you – and it certainly isn’t meant to be lived in boring shoes. You are meant to #STANDOUT in your own way, so start taking notice of all of the moments that you talk yourself out of something and why. Because if the reason is simply “being practical” I would challenge this ridiculous notion that the most exciting and happy times in your life came while wearing a pair of oh-so-dreamy shoes that you fell in love with once-upon-a-time (um, one word – Cinderella). How many times have you talked yourself out of the impractical and fun option for a safe and predictable one? and what sort of high heel risks (for the record, you’ll only be a few inches higher off of the ground) are you going to start to take in this life?

                      ORENDA                                                     THAYER                                                  TAYLIN                                                      THAYER

p.s. For the record (for those of you who are dying to know) I am currently wearing all of these shoes (like literally) with jeans (distressed or skinny), a white tee and a black (preferably velvet, I mean – it is the holidays) blazer. It’s my strategic way of #STANDingOUT on any given day, at any given grocery store and while attending any given school activity. Buy them, own it (remember Beyonce and the fan?) and #STANDOUT – from holidays to everyday.