When my grandma moved out of her farm I remember being asked if there was anything that I really wanted. I didn’t really have a deep connection to any “things”yet without any hesitation I started filling a box with all of her baking supplies. Pie plates, mixing bowls, cookie cutters, rolling pin and a random timer that I have still to this day never used (ah hm, my double wall oven thankfully comes with a modern day version of the egg timer). Never in a million years when I was mindlessly filling that box would I realize just how much a part of my everyday life would those things become and thankful that my intuition seemed to take over in a moment when my head couldn’t wrap itself around the situation at hand.

My grandma always had everyone’s favourites at heart. Strawberry jam tarts for the kids (some with whipped cream, some without), Apple Pie (with cheddar cheese on the side) and Pumpkin Pie with one piece without whipped cream on it just for me. When most people would cut a pie into 8 equal pieces, she would somehow manage to cut it into the exact number of pieces needed (usually an odd number), all the exact same size. For holidays I’m pretty sure that every kind of pie was made just to ensure everyone had their favourite on hand.

With Canadian Thanksgiving right around the corner I’m going to give you a quick and easy recipe to satisfy everyone’s favourite kind of pie this Holiday. The best part? you aren’t going to have to slave in the kitchen all day AND this pie will not require any plates or forks which means less clean up (I’m pretty sure that’s worth of a woot toot!). In short, you’ll be your family’s favourite this holiday by making all of their favourites ;).

Celebrating Thanksgiving for me means celebrating the people, experiences and opportunities that I am thankful for. Opportunities like being asked to work with a brand rooted in tradition and has been a part of a lot of holiday throughout the years in our family. I could not have felt more honoured and thankful to work with E.D.SMITH as they celebrate 135 years in Canada! Beloved by bakers for generations, we are definitely among them. Happy 135th E.D.SMITH!

Recipe: Pie Bites

  • Prep time: 15
  • Cook time: 10 min
  • Total time: 25 min



  1. Pre-heat oven to temperature on pie shell packaging;
  2. Thaw pie shells to room temperature for approximately 10 minutes;
  3. Roll out pie shells onto a lightly floured surface;
  4. Use round cookie cutters to create pie crust shapes;
  5. Place one pie crust shape onto a baking pan, place 1 tbsp of E.D.SMITH Pie Filling onto bottom pie crust shape, place second pie crust shape on top and pinch edges together;
  6. Bake as per instructions on pre-made pie crust packaging.

What are some of your favourite ways to turn traditional recipes into modern ones?