Affirmations work wonders right?  I mean especially positive affirmations first thing in the morning, you know before the Morning Marathon commences and your day starts to unravel the second your feet hit the floor.  Hop on to any FB or IG feed and you’ll be flooded with all kinds of beautiful, inspirational and positive quotes embellished with glitter and unicorns (totally guilty as charged).  I mean, if there is glitter and unicorns – it MUST be true.  I’ll admit it – I love me a good positive and inspirational quote but I think it’s time we shed a little bit of light on the deal with Affirmations and why they might actually NOT work (gasp!!!  I know – we’ll talk the truth about the Tooth Fairy tomorrow).

So you’re on your favourite Social Media feed of choice and you are liking, sharing, saving, whatever, trying to fill your cup full of these glorious positive affirmations (quotes, whatever you want to call them) that you need more of in your life.  For a moment or two they resonate with you, then you maybe start giving the words some thought to how you need to work more of it into your life (it’s usually exercise or happiness – you know, the holy grail) and then you’re stuck.  You know that there is something about them that leaves you feeling oh-so-good and crazy inspired (maybe not, maybe you are the type that rolls your eyes) and you know you should believe them and start to live them, but there seems to be a disconnect.

Daily Affirmations are great, but only work if you BELIEVE them to be true.  Not just believe in them, but believe them about yourself and the world around you.  Like not a shred of doubt attached to your thoughts when you read them or think about them.  You are firmly rooted in your belief as far as the affirmation is concerned.  Kind of like the Tooth Fairy – its real as long as you believe it to be true, then it is (ask a 5 year old about the Tooth Fairy – I dare you…..exactly, THAT kind of unwavering belief).  If its real to you then its real.

So what is it about these inspirational positive messages of wisdom that grace the social media stage that have us so plugged in? (again, if you are the eye rolling type you might as well just move on at this point) – I think it’s kind of the same thing as the designer bags, 6-pack abs (you know, that you will get from exercising for a few minutes a day) and fancy vacays – its probably something that we desire (even if its just a little bit) but our conscious mind and thoughts (ah hm: judgement, guilt, self-doubt, pick your poison) that get in the way.  You think I’m joking?  Here is the thing – you can’t recognize anything in this life without it already being inside of you.  Huh?  you can’t look, see, think, whatever about something or someone else without having those qualities within you (#fact).  So when you see and read these positive affirming messages, it resonates you because its already within you.  To achieve, to feel, to have, to experience –  its in you – period.  The disconnect is that you don’t believe it (i.e. the Tooth Fairy – you still with me?) because that little (bit*h) of a voice inside of your head starts talking you off of your positive affirmation high.

What if you fearlessly believed in the positive affirmations that surround you.  The ones that resonate with you.  The ones that speak to you.  What if you didn’t roll your eyes and started to believe in yourself.  What if you told that little bit*h inside of your head to shut up? What thoughts would fill your mind?  What would you say to yourself and who would you become?