Unless you are living under a rock, you can’t avoid all of the messaging that comes along with the New Year – and thus, Resolutions!  All you have to do is walk into just about any store to notice that all things “health related” have been strategically placed so that you will come face-to-face with them resulting in a stare down of sorts until you finally cave and start creating all of those unrealistic and unnecessary list of resolutions.  Sound vaguely familiar?

Am I all for living your best and healthiest life – um, yes – but not at the cost of convincing yourself that everything you have been doing up until this point is wrong, bad and ultimately punishable in the form of not eating carbs or sugar for the rest of your life.  You’re laughing – but you more than likely had some form of this conversation leading up to New Years – or perhaps in your champagne inspired “moment of clarity”.  So if you are already feeling less than excited and optimistic about the “new way of life” you committed yourself to just a few days ago, you aren’t alone.  Studies show that only 8% of those who make New Years Resolutions actually follow through with them – I mean, I didn’t conduct the research myself but I’m going to go ahead and say that it is accurate…..I mean, it was concluded by Researchers (whoever they are).

So why do Resolutions not work?  I am not an expert – or a researcher – but I am going to go out on a limb and say that most are created based on how we “think” we should be….you know, in terms of how we should eat, act, look, and the glorious oh-so-positive list goes on and on…..instead of the purpose and focus being on how YOU want to feel – through creating, manifesting and doing. The good news is that the pressure is off to continue with your lettuce with no salad dressing diet (seriously – what were you thinking?) and instead shift your focus to something a little more positive and inspiring, thus losing the Resolutions and instead approaching this year (and every moment) with Intention.

Here are the things you need to ask yourself (and take action on) to get yourself on track so that next year you can turn the stink eye on Resolutions:

  1. What is your “word“?  Sit in silence (if you have kids this might mean locking yourself in a bathroom or closet).  Your gut knows the word already and it will be the first thing that bursts out of you like it has been waiting for this moment to be released.  It’s probably something that sits in your sub-concious mind that pops up every once and awhile – you know like a “look at me” kind of thing, each time dismissing it.  This is your word.  Write it down and start giving it the credit it deserves.
  2. How do you want to feel?  What words come to mind?  Joy, Happiness, Confidence, Growth?  Write them down and then start thinking about all of the barriers that prevent you from feeling them.  (I know, the eating salad with no dressing would be way easier right about now).
  3. What thoughts and beliefs (usually self-limiting) do you need to drop ASAP?  These usually come in the form of “I am not smart enough, not good enough, not deserving, etc.”
  4. What behaviours do you need to drop ASAP that don’t support how you want to feel?  (um, like procrastination, hitting the repeat button on those self-limiting stories).
  5. What actions are you going to start taking TODAY to start living the life you want to live?  So this is where it can quickly turn into the 100 things you are no longer going to do…..keep it realistic and start with a few – like getting up 20 minutes earlier, organize your life, etc.

So the other statistic that you need to be aware of is that it takes 21-days to create a new habit (or break old ones….I am on -1 day on the “not eating the entire Hagan Dasz container in one sitting”) which means that before cupid makes his arrival with all things chocolate you will be well on your way and settled into your new way of life 😉 .  I know I talk a lot about “letting go” but this is where the rubber meets the road (I think that is the line).  You need to drop those old ways in terms of thoughts and behaviours that are limiting you in curating your life.  So what’s it going to be sister – lettuce with no dressing or manifesting your life?