Its the most wonderful time of the year!  Everyone always gets excited about Boxing Day sales – but let me tell you, the sales that are happening RIGHT now are just as good as the ones you wait for on December 26th – you’re just not giving them the attention they deserve (as you are probably elbow deep on a pool floaty or summer cocktail somewhere!)

This is the time of year to stock up on staples.  The items that you can wear almost year round that are never going to go out of style – like ever.  Here are my favourite Summer Sale Picks that are never going to go out of style (just like Taylor Swift said):

Heels.  If you are someone who feels as though you need a pair of cute summer heels in your closet these are the ones for you.  They seriously go with EVERYTHING.  Jeans, dresses, pants, shorts – whatever!  Throw on your jeans, white t-shirt and these and you have instant style.  If you need any more motivation Jillian Harris promotes these shoes in basically every colour – and the girl knows a thing or two about style.

White T-Shirt.  These t-shirts cannot be compared to any other.  I just replaced my white one after wearing it for 3 years – yep, 3 years.  It’s all in the material that is used and how it hangs and doesn’t cling in all of the right (and wrong) places.  These t-shirts fit true to size.

Jean Jacket.  Ok, not crazy on sale but saving $8 is saving $8 (go and buy yourself a Starbucks with what you saved 😉 ).  You need this one in every colour – period.  Well, at least start with 1.  You’ll love it and basically a jean jacket never goes out of style or wears out so according to my friend it basically makes it “free”.

Everything Dress.  Scoop one of these up in every colour – like now!  This is one you will wear year round.  Super comfortable and washes great with no ironing or fuss required.  In Fall and Winter throw a long sleeved shirt underneath (or not) with a pair of skinny jeans and boots (ah hm – like the skinny jeans below).

Shootie.  The name is terrible I agree but season after season you see these little shoe-bootie hit store shelves.  They basically go with everything from day to night (including those skinny jeans and dresses you are going to scoop up 😉 ).  Steve Madden is another one of my favourite brands that provides timeless style season after season.

Boyfriend Jeans.  I don’t cheat on my designer jeans very often but when I do it’s with Banana Republic.  So much so I am starting to convert slowly but surely.  Their jeans are on sale right now with another 50% off which means you can scoop them up for starting at around $20 – yep, you read that right.  A secret to buying online with BR – when you spend $50 you get free shipping and free returns (soooo fill up your cart, get free shipping and then return what you don’t want by mail – um genius, you’re welcome for the tip).

Jacket.  $67.50 – that is all I have to say about this little number.  Year round, never goes out of style.!

Sandals.  Sam Edelman is one of my favourite shoe designers.  What I love about this brand is that they are trendy and on point but classic enough to carry you through season after season without feeling as though you are stuck in some sort of ’80s style trap.

Dress.  This dress does not get the credit it deserves online.  I scooped this up a few years ago while 8-months pregnant during a weak moment in which I decided I did not want to wear pants anymore (that moment still lives on today).  Flash forward 3 years and I am still wearing this and getting stopped on the street a la Kim Kardashian asking me where I got it.  Much like the dress noted above you can throw this over jeans as well taking you right through the fall months.

Skinny Jeans.  These are the be all and end all of skinny jeans.  Seriously.  Once you slide into a pair of these you are not going to want to take them off.  They never lose their shape and have just the right amount of stretch in them to keep everything exactly where it is supposed to be.  Cue the pasta dinner and ice cream, no undoing the top button required.

What are some of your favourite Summer Sale finds this season?