I have never once created a playlist.  Instead I have about 1000 songs on my phone that range from the Frozen soundtrack, to Michael Buble’s Christmas album, to the mix bag of top 40 songs that I have downloaded in a knee jerk reaction to whatever song I heard playing on the radio or while shopping in a store.  The result is that my music listening experience is less than ideal.  The reason isn’t because I don’t love all of the music on my phone (um, other than the Barbie soundtrack – seriously, how that is still on there I’ll never know) but because I have never taken the time to delete what I don’t love and organize the rest into “mood” inspired playlists.  So what did I do?  While driving in the car the other day I had my 9-year old do it.  We went through song by song and created categories.  The result – no more singing along to a great tune (also usually inspired by the 9-year old) while suddenly being high jacked by Let It Go (you’re totally singing it in your hear right now aren’t you?).

I know, it’s a playlist – you’re thinking “what’s the big deal”.  How many times have you been cruising through your day to be high jacked by something?  A song, a person, whatever.  And then it happens again, on repeat, and again, and again – you get the drift.  Have you ever thought about doing an overhaul?  deleting, reorganizing, prioritizing?  I am a big believer in cleaning “crap” out to create more space.  Whether that be in the form of physical “stuff”, people I follow, people I am friends with (real and social media life).  Ugh – I know, sounds like a lot of work – right?  Here is the thing – you can either not do anything about it and keep listening to music infused with bouts of Frosty the Snowman and It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (not going to lie, I have sung along in the middle of July) or – you can clean it up and create a more pleasant and inspiring list for yourself.  You think I’m crazy don’t you.  I dare you to go unfollow a bunch of people on social media today that don’t inspire you or at the very least leave you with a feeling of “huh?” when you come across their posts.  You know exactly what I am talking about…..and you’re probably thinking about 5 people right now.

Whether it be a closet, playlist or social media following – clean it up, organize it, or delete it all together (gasp!).  When you do, your day will start to flow like a Top 40 countdown list 😉

What part of your life needs to cleaned up and organized?