There is something about jewellery that is different than any other gift.  For me, the gift of jewellery has created a lot of spontaneous and special moments (that were also usually associated with champagne which doesn’t hurt) throughout the years that have all been inspired by my favourite jewellers turned friends, Oshawa Jewellers.   

Although this relationship began with the custom design of my wedding rings and a commitment on my end to own as many diamonds as possible, there have been more than a few meaningful moments over the years that had them at the heart of it.  The reason I say them is because this isn’t just somewhere you go to buy a piece of jewellery.  It’s a place you go to be inspired and create a moment.   A moment that will more than likely become one of your favourites.  And if you know anything about me, I am all about favourites. 

My Favourite Jewellery Moment.  One of my favourite jewellery moments came after I had our first baby.  As a result of a plan that went terribly sideways (side note: my advice for having a baby is to not have a plan) my jewellery had to be stripped from me leaving it all in a tiny little ziplock bag on my bedside table (side note:  probably not the safest place to leave it).  For any woman who knows, the aftermath of having a baby doesn’t exactly leave you in a state of wanting to throw on anything glamorous.  For days this little ziplock containing more value than anything else we owned at the time sat on the bedside table, nurses coming and going, food being delivered (and not eaten) – it sat there.  It wasn’t until we were about to be released that my husband tossed me the bag and told me I should put it on.  I reached in and started putting my necklace, wedding rings (despite the swelling, I was determined) and then my diamond stud earrings.  Except something was different – they appeared “bigger”.  But they couldn’t be, it must be the drugs (seriously, that it literally what went through my mind).  I glanced over at my husband to see if his body language revealed anything, but he didn’t flinch.  Yes, it was the drugs, definitely the drugs – clearly they were having an effect on the size of diamond earrings I was currently holding in my puffy hand.  As it turns out, I was not.  In the midst of our daughter arriving 3 weeks early and my hub needing to come directly from work, somehow my husband and the team at Oshawa Jewellery pulled it off.  All it took was a simple call and they took care of it.  And took care of it they did. 

My Funniest Jewellery Moment.  We celebrated our 10-year anniversary a few years ago.  As parents of 3 young kids we had big plans.  We were going to go away on a 4-day weekend somewhere.  And then we talked ourselves out of it and settled on staying over night in Toronto…..which never happened.  We quickly realized that the reality of celebrating our 10th in a lofty way was dissipating quickly so we booked our local fave dinner spot (trust me – we were 1 step away from ordering pizza with our kids to celebrate).  During dinner (in which we had agreed to no presents), my husband pulled a little box out of his pocket and waited in anticipation with the biggest grin on his face (think “proud as a peacock”).  I thought it was a joke.  Inside was a necklace.  The exact necklace that I already own – that HE bought me only about 5 sizes SMALLER!  It wasn’t a joke.  It was an epic fail.  A hilarious epic fail.  I still like to remind him that after 10 years he seemed to think I was worth a downgrade. 

My Favourite Piece of Jewellery.  My favourite piece of jewellery ever created by Oshawa Jewellers was actually one that was “re-created”.  A few years ago when I was scouring my parent’s house for photos for the creation of a slideshow for their 40th anniversary (without their permission – gasp!  it’s find, they loved it) I came across a box that contained all of my Nana’s jewellery – more specifically her pearls.  I have always loved pearls.  Simple and sophisticated.  But as a mom of 3 in her 30’s wearing strands of them around my neck borderline puts me in June Cleaver kind of category – which I am not.  Besides the fact that these beautiful pieces had been tucked away there was something about it that was sad to me.  We get so stuck in these ways of holding onto things, tucking them away, convincing ourselves that we somehow compromise the integrity of them if we alter or change them.  So what did I do?  I took them and then I talked to my dad about having them re-made into “everyday” bracelets for the girls in our family.  So we did.  Instead of being stuck in a box tucked away for “safe keeping” my nana, and her pearls are now a part of my everyday. 

From last minute gifts, to custom design, to redesign – I always find myself drawn to everything that Oshawa Jewellery delivers.  They have been key player in the most special moments in my life and I could not be more excited – and honoured, to be partnering with them.  They are a team that you will absolutely fall in love with and want in your life.  Trust me, you want them in your life.   Because as you know, good things happen when you surround yourself with good people.  I mean come on, what bad can come from a relationship with a jeweller?  exactly – nothing.  

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Love and Favourite things I have partnered with Oshawa Jewellery  for a giveaway in the form of a $250 gift card – to spend however your little heart desires. 

Hop on over to @oshawa_jewellery Instagram account to enter to win.  Contest details can be found a the bottom of every post made between February 1, 2017 – February 13, 2017 with winner to be announced on February 14, 2017.  Good Luck!