This week’s My Favourite Things comes with mixed emotions.  Today marks the official 1-year mark since I started posting my favourite things every week that have inspired me from style, to conversations, to people.  Although I might have inspired a few extra pairs of jeans being purchased over this past year, my intent was actually never to inspire “things” at all, but instead pausing to take in moments of your life that serve meaning.  Things are great, but not if you are mindful enough to recognize and give attention in the form of gratitude and appreciation.

Shortly after I started My Favourite Things This Week I came across an article on the power of simply noticing and showing gratitude for 1 thing in your life everyday.  In a world that is so fixed on being busy or keeping up its a good reminder for us all to simply take a moment to take notice – all that you have, all that you experience and all that you are in this life.

So you’re wondering – where are you going with this?  My Favourite Things This Week isn’t totally being retired, but it will be somewhat replaced and show up in different forms.  That’s the thing about evolving – you can’t do it without changing anything.  Thank you for making my weekly post about random thoughts and things such a popular one.  If anything the gift is that it taught me to stop and reflect on all of the amazing things that are happening around me all of the time – even if the highlight was a great pair of jeans 😉

Here are my some of my favourite things this week:

Rain.  I love how rain slows down the pace for just about everything.  I am the most productive when weather is not “ideal”.  How many times do you hear people sigh and complain about the weather when it is not “perfect”.  I sometimes think that we often sit around and wait for perfect conditions to exist before we start enjoying moments.  How can you flip your thoughts to find the gift in less than ideal conditions?  Worst case, maybe it’s a great pair of rain boots 😉

Women Supporting Women.  Surround yourself with women who lift you up, who inspire you, who are passionate about what they do, who are motivated, who believe in you and who believe in themselves.  The moment you start to weed out those who do not bring positive energy to your life is the exact moment that you realize how much of it they have been stealing from you.  Working for myself this past year has made me realize this in both my personal and professional life (yep, I call it professional even though I have no fancy title).  The moment I get sucked into drama, competition and anything other than women supporting women is the exact moment that I feel deflated, negative and start the comparison game (side note:  the comparison game is also a no-win game so I suggest you don’t play it).  Choose who you spend your time with and who you share your energy with because whatever it is, it will manifest into something “more” of whatever it is.

One of my favourite moments of women supporting women came earlier this week with an impromptu photoshoot with Smithery Style.  Two hours of laughter, copious amounts of chips and a laser focused plan delivered amazing results.  This is what #womensupportingwomen really looks and feels like.

p.s.  don’t think for a second that we weren’t totally laughing and making fun of all of the typical style poses I was doing.

p.p.s. If you want this top (for your suggested shape) here is the link.  As an alternative Smithery will have a pop-up shop at Mint Floral downtown Whitby on Saturday (I dare you to not walk out with some new style finds AND a mason jar of flowers!).

This Ring.  Well, I took matters into my own hands this week and had this little Pandora Ring wrapped up for Mother’s Day. I had one of my kids with me so I think it falls within the rules of buying your own gift – non? If you are like me and like to create “Wish Lists” (as in please buy me gifts I’ve already pre-selected as things I 💕) than take a page out of my book and head into Oshawa Jewellery this week to create yours. Um – there is an option to have an email sent to “whomever” you choose along with the fact that someone is going to win their Wish list! Yep – you read that right!  No purchase necessary.  Contest rules apply and ends Sunday, May 7th, 2017.

What are some of your favourite things this week?