I live a pretty balanced life for the most part.  As hard as I work, I take just as much time for myself (gasp!  I know right – so selfish!), for every timbit (or box) there is clean and healthy eating and for every day that I sit and work at my computer you can be assured that a sweaty workout started that day.  So where am I going with this?  I think we spend a lot of time as women focusing on the things that we didn’t do so well and that we want to improve without giving just as much, if not more attention to all of the effort, good things and even better decisions that we make day in and day out.  Life is not about rewarding and punishing in my opinion – but living, enjoying and celebrating the moments that we do have – without guilt, without judgment or apology.

My favourite things this week is pretty simple – and I think you’ll get the theme.  It’s also short because after celebrating my first Isla Pearl Lifestyle Day last weekend I hit a wall this week.  A wall of exhaustion with a side order of emotion.  It’s also a long weekend which means work is going to be at a minimum so I can be with and enjoy family (which will also more than likely include some whining, crying and a side order of temper tantrums)……that’s where wine and mini eggs come in.

Here are a few of my favourite things this week:

Always Do Your Best.  These might appear to be the most deliciously beautiful french pastries that you’ve ever seen – and I can assure you that they were (I even did a few rounds of testing just to make sure).  But this to me is an example of so much more.  One of the greatest lessons I learned during my yoga teaching training was “always do your best”.  Sounds so simple doesn’t it?  So simple that you almost brush it off and give it a roll of the eyes with a “yeah whatever” (you know, like a 9-year old is saying it).  For all of those times that you are hard on yourself or what you need to focus on doing more of – what if you just stopped and asked yourself if you are doing your best.  Doing your best in that moment – not compared to yesterday when you had more rest or you were in a better mood.  Do your best – whatever you are doing, whenever you are doing it – exactly in that moment.  So what does this have to do with Macarons (for those of you who are still pronouncing it wrong – it’s “mac-a-RON” – you’re welcome)?  When I asked M&R Catering to support my event she was all in without hesitation.  Never did she try to scale it back or deliver a less than “wedding worthy” product.  She cared about my event like she did a full paying client when she was doing it all for free (while her schedule was already fully booked).  To contribute towards a day that brought women together for a great cause.  I was floored and in awe of her commitment.  Always do your best.  No matter what it is.

Worth The Squeeze.  I am not a juice girl.  Never have been.  But something about these juices had me intrigued.  I’m not going to lie when I tell you that I wasn’t disappointed that there were a few left over bottles after my event.  So after a day of testing (consuming in the masses) donuts, macarons and mini eggs I decided that maybe this was a good time to give these juices a try.  Like I said earlier, balance right?  This isn’t one of those “I ate donuts all day therefore I am punishing myself by drinking juice for days”.  This is – I ate and enjoyed every single friggin’ bite of every donut, macaroon and mini egg (plural x 100) that I consumed and I need to balance my system out with some healthier options.  Exactly, balance in it’s most extreme form.  Let’s be honest, it’s going to be every once and awhile (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter…..sigh).  I am obsessed with these juices.  I love that they taste delicious, leave you feeling satisfied and tell you exactly what benefits you are getting out of them.  Things like:  immunity booster, increases mental function, boosts skin, hair and nail growth (um, sign me up for all of the above).  You should try these – your body will thank you.

What are some of your favourite things this week?