Let’s be honest, my Favourite Thing this week is the prep and lead up to my first Isla Pearl Lifestyle Day.  Its not a bad week when each day another person registers, a new partner comes on board to support you and swag arrives daily to fill generously donated gift bags for attendees.  Someone said to me yesterday “you must be proud” (it wasn’t my mom I swear).  Its funny, proud is never a thought or feeling that comes to mind when I think about the things I do.  I didn’t get into this whole Blogging world for the typical and common reasons, but now that I am “here” I think its important to use the resources and relationships that I have to do good things for other people.  So I don’t feel proud, but instead – honoured, privileged and excited to work with inspiring women doing amazing things.

Outside of the party planning that is going down this week I also have a few other things up my sleeve.  Here are a few of my favourite things this week:

Hunter Boots.  Just for the record I don’t style my boots like this all of the time.  This was a photoshoot gone mad.  I ordered both pairs of these boots a few weeks ago with the “intention” of returning a pair.  Pretty safe to say that neither are going back.  I’m officially converted to the short version of these boots.  Less boot, less sweaty legs (you know exactly what I am talking about).

Everything.  I love everything about this pic.  As much as I would like to walk around in giant beautiful pearls and a tulle skirt everyday, a little thing called life sometimes gets in the way.  But even though I might not be walking around wearing all of the above, I’m always channelling it.  My mindset is focused with a side order of fun.  I’m not going to lie, you might need a tulle skirt in your life.  Even if it’s to wear around your house – you know, just to remind yourself how amazing you are.  Special thanks to Garderobe Boutique for the most beautiful skirt that I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.

Pandora.  I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know much about Pandora other than the charms which really aren’t “my thing”.  That was until I discovered their rings.  It was love at first sight and the obsession pretty much grew from there.  Cheap and cheerful is what I like to call them.  This little nugget has made it’s way onto my Mother’s Day Wish List with Oshawa Jewellery.   What’s that – wish list?  Yes, you heard me:  WISH LIST.  It is basically like a registry so that your significant other can scoop up things that you love – its basically a win-win.  I’m co-hosting a kick off event at Oshawa Jewellery on Saturday, April 29, 2017 for their Mother’s Day Wish List Event.  Get this – someone is going to WIN their wish list!  START.THE.CAR.

Spring.  In all of its glory!  The Eggies were intended for baking (clearly that didn’t happen), the macaroons were for show (they got eaten) and the nail polish was sent to me by my amazing partner turned friend (well, at least I consider her a friend) from Trade Secrets.  She knows that I like to get stuck in my blush and grey comfort zone so I think she was trying to push limits by sending me a box full of bring spring hues.  I’ve only ventured as far as the purple and pink.  Baby steps 😉

What are some of your favourite things this week?