I’m a pretty organized (ah hm “A-type, control freak likes things in a certain place) kinda girl – until it comes to my computer.  It’s a disaster.  I literally drag and drop files all over the place never really knowing where I put them which means doing it all over again and then finding the original file which means I now have 2.  It’s a vicious cycle and the one aspect of me that doesn’t make sense when it comes to the “love everything in it’s place kinda personality”.  So this week I took a few minutes and literally created a fool-proof organization system on my desktop.  I created folders called “photos”, “quotes”, “work”, etc. you get the drift.  It’s kind of like cleaning out your closet, you come across things that you forgot about and then there is always that one thing that makes you stop and almost have a moment (maybe 2).  As my dad would say, “the universe has a sense of humour sometimes”, because in my opinion, it is often in those moments that those things that make you stop are also kind of the universe’s way of saying “see, I told you!”.

Here are a few of my favourite things this week (um, side note – there are basically no pictures because I was basically a chicken with my head cut off this week):

Dream Your Life.  While organizing my oh-so-important computer files (can I tell you how seriously good it feels to have files that fall under categories that include “Inspiring Quotes” and “Nail Polish Proposal” vs. “Annual Budget” or “Quarterly Plan” – I’m just saying, seriously  what about me screams Budget Meeting? – exactly…..ok, where was I?) right – while organizing my files I came across a quote that said “A year ago, I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now”.  I cannot even tell you how true this is.  NEVER, I mean NEVER would I have ever thought that I could be doing what I am doing.  I know – it’s still super confusing to a lot of people but the message here is this – all of those inspiring quotes out there are true.  Yep, roll your eyes all you want to (trust me, I did too once upon a time).  You need to be the one to create the life you want to live.  Imagine your life and how you want it to be and start taking steps towards it.  Drop the what if’s, the hesitation, the self-doubt, the how’s, the whatever – drop it.  And stop listening to the outside voices that also add to this mix – they don’t get it and it makes them terrified that you might just go for it.  A reminder that they aren’t.  It’s not about them, it’s about you.  It’s your friggin’ life, start taking small steps towards living the life you want to, because a year from now you will be saying to yourself “I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now”.

Be You.  I am not a big player in the Social Media world.  I do not have millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers like some do, but what I do have is an organic and authentic voice.  The one thing I promised myself when I started this was that I was NEVER going to compromise who I was (ah hm, authentic) and I was never going to get caught up in the game of followers, etc. on Social Media in a way that would basically mean selling my soul.  It’s not who I am.  In a Social Media world that thrives on numbers this is a hard thing to do.  To stand your ground, have an authentic voice and be yourself.  I have been tested (like everyday), but I remind myself of the promise I made to myself.  This past few months has been pretty exciting for partnerships on my end.  Like big deal, big names kind of partnerships.  So much so that I often joke that I wonder when they are going to realize that they have the “wrong girl”.  This week I even arrived home to a box of my fave nail polish in all of my favourite colours.  Yeah, I know – you’re like – it’s nail polish, whatever.  It came with a note of how they know how much I love this brand and colours.  A girl, who is basically no one on the Social Media stage.  A reminder that as small as you might think you are, you have a voice.  The right people will listen, they will watch and they will pay attention.  Stay true to who you are – with your words and your actions.  When you do the right people will show up.  The ones that you want in your life anyway.  Pretty sure this one inspired a Blog Post for next week.

The 5 Year Plan.  You know those things on your life plan, the ones you dream about, even put on your vision board, but in your head tell yourself its a ways out…..like on your 5-10 year plan vs. 1-3 year plan?  In other words, the things that you “really” want to do in life but somehow manage to convince yourself of all of the reasons why you can’t.  Yep, those.  It’s like a distraction tactic that I like to use – if you throw it onto your 5-10 year plan no one really pays attention to it, so you don’t really feel any pressure to do anything about it.  My 5-10 year plan included “A Yogaish Studio”.  Literally.  I literally kept on calling whatever I was going to create “Yogaish“.  So guess what launched this week?  less than a year after I started Yoga Teacher Training – The Yogaish Studio.  I realized that it was time to put my money where my mouth was and take my own advice of “just start”.  Without having a perfect plan or everything in place.  The reason it’s Yogaish is because I often think there are too many rules, stereotypes or “ways of being” that come along with things like Yoga.  I do, love and teach yoga – but not at all in the way you might associate with or think a “yogi” should be.  Yogaish is about dropping the expectations, stereotypes and ideas of what it should be.  It’s about coming as you are, doing what feels right for you and leaving feeling lighter.  That’s it, that’s all.  That’s why it’s ‘ish.  Stay tuned, good things are coming.

What are some of your favourite things this week?