A week ago I was completely stressed out.  Like eating everything in sight and let’s just say “less than ideal” to be around.  It’s amazing how much can change in an hour, a day and a week.  These are the kind of weeks that you get to relish in the benefits of your hard work.  You know, like after you finish a big project, maybe a great workout or maybe surviving a tough day with a glass of wine (bottle, whatever, no judgement).  It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone where it’s cozy and warm.  It’s easy to let the “what if’s” win.  It’s easy to let the negative self-talk overpower that superhero that lies inside.  No one said it would be easy, and anyone that says that it is, is lying.  Growth comes when you push yourself, when you challenge the what if’s, when you tell that negative voice in your head to shut up.  All of these things, the highs, the lows, the stress points and even failures (gasp!) are what push us forward – to become the best versions of ourselves possible.

These are my favourite things this week:

Yoga Training.  Last weekend was game changing.  Although the exam (i.e. presentation) was part of the requirement for completion, this test was more for myself.  We have become experts at seeing qualities in others that we admire, but often we fail to see them within ourselves (I’ll hold off on launching into how life is a giant mirror and basically whatever you see in others is just you projecting yourself on to it).  There have been a handful of special Yoga Instructors over the years that helped me to see something in myself that I wasn’t able to see.  You know those people, we all have them.  The ones that influence us and allow us to finally hear what others have been telling us for a long time (ah hm, ignoring).  This exam was kind of the moment of truth for me.  Is what others saw, and what I was starting to see true?  Thank god for an amazing partner to raised the bar for me.  The outcome my friends was a pretty incredible moment.

Yoga Teaching.  WHAT?  Oh, it’s happening.  Well, soon anyway.  This is the first time in my life that I had no plan.  Well, I mean the dreamer in me always had ideas of what I would want to do, but when I went into the training I promised myself to keep an open mind and let it work itself out.  Seriously, the floodgates have opened and the training isn’t officially over.  As of March I have more than 3 gigs booked……and this is on top of my own personal stuff I have in the works.  Stay tuned for where and when.

My Hub.  He’s like the silent partner in all of this.  He’s the one that cheers from the sidelines and supports me in whatever way he can.  From telling me to leave the laundry and cleaning for him to do when he gets home from work so that I can focus on an exciting project, to throwing me mini celebrations to remind me how proud he is of what I am doing, to saying “yes” regardless of the question.  He makes things happen for me without hesitation.  He also lets me pick out his clothes, never fights my obsession for picking white cars and keeps a close eye on when my Hagan Dasz stock is getting low.  He’s basically a dream husband.  #truestory

Create Space.  March marked a goal for me.  That once Yoga Teacher Training was done I wanted to start working on something outside of writing, even a few days a week to get me out of the house beyond meeting someone for a Starbucks.  With the clock ticking I had a few things booked this week to discuss opportunities.  But after last weekend I started to have this gut feeling.  That none of them were right, and by investing in any of them (even by having conversations) meant that I would be channelling that energy into something that was not going to lead me down the path that I wanted to be on.  So I cancelled them.  All of them.  Do you know what happened?  An hour later I received an opportunity that I had been hoping for.  Like dream opportunity.  Stop and notice how much energy you give something.  Are you channeling it to the right things?  You need to create space for new things to come into your life.  Thoughts, beliefs, people, things, whatever.  I know, I’m starting to sound like a broken record – but it’s true.  If you want something different out of your life you need to create space for it to come in.  It’s just that simple.

Spring Style.  I love Spring.  The freshness of new beginnings.  After cancelling one of said meetings above I decided to hit the mall with a Starbucks and pretend I was a lady of leisure for the afternoon.  Despite the -12 degree temp and grey sky I refused to wear my winter boots, hat, jacket and instead dressed as though it was Spring.  I mean, I was inside I wasn’t putting my health at risk.  Spring has already hit the stores an I am so excited about what is in store this season.  Um, it might be because the colour pink has officially be named as the colour of the season.  One of my favourite places to shop, especially for my kids is H&M.  It’s a great place to get your dose of “seasonal must haves” (if that is your vibe) without breaking the bank and feeling guilty about it.  I basically bought Katie their entire Spring line (which she approved – um, double win for anyone who has 9-year old daughter!).  This weekend they are having a big sale on a lot of their essential pieces.  You might want to start.the.car.

What were some of your favourite things this week?