You know those weeks.  The kind of weeks that you just want to be over so that you can be on the other side of it.  Tasting and soaking up all of the positive benefits that came from the week that came before it.  That feeling (is relief, yes) is growth.  If we don’t have weeks that push us, test us, scare us and make us question (even if it’s it’s for a millisecond) everything that we are doing, we will never experience growth in our lives.  So this is one of those weeks for me.  The kind that is pushing me, scaring me and drudging up all of those self-testing questions.  But for the first time I am not letting fear hold me back or even allow me to skip a beat because let me tell you, this past year has been anything other cushy, cozy and comfortable.  The minute I feel I am settled is the exact moment I am being tested and pushed again.  The difference is, now I can already feel the other side of it without even being there yet.  In this crazy kind of way the feeling of fear actually brings up feelings of relief and accomplishment all at the same time.  Start to push yourself a little more towards fear, towards whatever makes you even a little bit uncomfortable.  It’s where both the growth and relief lies.

Oh, and the shoes – they are my favourite thing this week.  I went to the Oshawa Centre the other day to scoop something up at Saje – um, hello if you haven’t checked this store out yet you need to.  I will admit, I completely avoided it because it “looked expensive”.  Most things are in the $10 range, all natural, all essential oil based, concocted based on whatever it is that you need (um, I need it all).  I’m not a partner with them (yet – mark my words, I’m shamelessly relentless).  Right, the shoes.  On my way out the door these were on display at Town Shoes in the window – with what appeared to be a beam of light shining down from the sky above.  They had one pair left in my size (best sales pitch ever – maybe?  but I totally fell for it) so I scooped them up and am now waiting for the snow to go away so I can wear them day and night.  I mean, they are rose gold.  They match my Jewellery 😉

Here are a few of my favourite things this week:

Partnerships.  My goal for 2017 was to collaborate with brands, companies, businesses, people, whoever that fit naturally into my life.  Like aligned, speak the same language and have the same vibe.  After a friendship turned partnership they didn’t hesitate to let me run with my ideas and my vision.  Whether it’s business or pleasure you want to surround yourself with these kind of people.  The ones that 100% support you without trying to change you, your thoughts and where you are headed.  If you haven’t entered yet you better hop on over to Instagram and get caught up.  Why is that you ask?  because there might be a $250 gift card with your name on it to be used however you little heart desires.  This is just the beginning my friends.

My sister.  It’s basically the same thing as having a fairy godmother.  She’s my sister and my Interior Designer.  By Interior Designer I mean, the one I send inspirational pictures to and then she turns them into a reality without really having time to do it.  She’s kind of a big deal, but doesn’t act like it.  She’s the nicer one of the two of us.  She’s the reason we love our house and rarely want to leave it.  She’s the reason that when people come into our house they say “wow”.  And she’s the reason that I get at least 1 Instagram message a day from a random stranger about our Kitchen backsplash (I wish I was kidding).  I mentioned to her that I wanted to start creating a dedicated work space.  She sent me the fabrics her team pulled and ordered in……clearly she knows my vibe and my colour palette.  I cannot wait to share our exciting collaboration coming up soon.  You aren’t going to want to miss it!

Top 20.  Um. So this is pretty exciting (and surprising) news to hear.  Isla Pearl made the top 20 list of favourite Canadian Bloggers.  Me – a girl who a year ago had no idea what she was doing but had a lot to say, was going through the biggest emotional identity crisis of her life, knew that she wanted a lot more out of life and had absolutely NO idea what that looked like.

You know that thing – that thing that your gut keeps telling you to do but you keep on silencing it. Do it, whatever it is. A year from now you will be uttering those words “I wish I had done it sooner”……and you might just be on a Top 20 list and have no idea how you landed there…..other than for just doing what felt right.

Meditation.  You know, that thing that you hear about, you know you should be doing more of, but the reality is trying to find the time to sit cross legged in silence for even 1 minute seems like a completely unrealistic feat.  I’m with you.  Even though I could find the time, I don’t make it.  I tell myself that going to yoga is my time to clear my mind, but the reality is my mind is busier than ever these days.  Like, on overdrive with thoughts, ideas, what-if scenarios going on in my head all.of.the.time.  So last week my friend and I went to a Mala making workshop and it was said that “Meditation can be anything – it can be gardening – anything to calm your mind to the point that basically no thoughts exist”.  It was also revealed during this workshop that I gravitate to Rose Quartz because clearly I need to drape myself in all versions of love.  So what did I do?  I went out and scooped up my supplies and self-taught myself how to make a Mala.  I’m basically resisting the urge to set up shop.  It is also the only thing in recent history that has completely quieted my mind for more than 2 minutes.  So if you’re stopping yourself from meditating because you only have a specific definition in your mind of what it is, it’s time you start drafting a new one.

What are some of your favourite things this week?