Well, this week has reminded me yet again that although I love the idea of Winter, I really only love it up until New Years.  I’m a believer that as of January 2 we should start to transition right into Spring kicking those snow pants, salt and dirty boots to the curb along with the Christmas wrapping paper remains.  I know, I should be of the mindset to be in the present moment, but with weeks on end of no sunshine I was ready to hightail it to basically anywhere that included a beach and endless margaritas.  I’m just saying.

I have had a lot of exciting projects on the go that I am super excited about, but a lot of it leaves me tied to my computer developing content and schedules basically slowly turning me into an overdressed hermit.  That, combined with the lack of sun was adding up to me feeling a lack of inspiration and dare I say it – maybe even in a bad mood (gasp!).  I’m a believer in taking action.  That you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome (in this case, a better mood) so what did I do?  I dressed myself up, scheduled some extra meetings (um, I highly recommend holding them at a Starbucks for hours on end…..you leave smelling like a giant latte – and that my friends is a delicious scent…..but I digress), and threw on the biggest blanket scarf that I own to brave the cold with a smile on my face (side note:  blanket scarf – I mean, best invention ever…..you can basically wrap yourself in a blanket in public without looking like a crazy person).

In keeping with the theme of adding a dose of sunshine into your life, here are a few of my favourite things this week:

Fresh Flowers.  I know, seems so simple right?  I swear these literally brightened up my week.  So much so I started adding to my growing flower collection throughout the week.  Scoop some up – cheap and cheerful in your favourite colour.  There is scientific research that proves they improve your mood (but I’m not that kind of blog so you’re going to have to look up the study details on your own).  What kind of flower girl are you?  I gotta be honest, I’m usually pretty committed to tulips but these just might be in the running for the top spot.

You are enough.  I’m pretty open and honest about my love-hate relationship with social media.  The highlight reels and screwed version of reality.  It’s a struggle that I am faced with as I teeter between authentic content with the need for “pretty pictures” (sigh).  The reality is as a business, I try to manoeuvre my way through without getting completely sucked into the “filteredness” (not a word, but I’m making it up) that comes along with so many profiles out there.  I am not perfect, and it will not always be right.  But the one thing that I have always stuck to is my intention of being true to myself throughout this process.  To show who I am and use my own words.  This week I posted this “you are enough” along with the message of this:

Don’t let the social media highlight reels and endless scrolling suck you in. You are enough. You are smart enough, kind enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, talented enough….enough – period! Smother yourself in self love and realize that you are very much indeed – enough 💕

I am not sure if I have ever received so many messages, texts and comments from one simple post.  It’s because it needs to be said, and we all need to be reminded.  Tell yourself everyday, and maybe even someone who needs to hear it.

Don’t Make Assumptions.  Unless you have been completely living a rock this week you would know that I have partnered with Oshawa Jewellery for an amazing contest giveaway (hop on their Instagram account @oshawa_jewellery to enter to win).  They also own the Pandora store located in the Oshawa Centre which meant that I got to indulge in this brand as well.  I’m going to be honest, when it was suggested that I check out some of the Pandora pieces my first thought was “no, I’m good”.  The whole charm thing isn’t my thing (no judgement, no hate – it’s just not for me).  But then I realized how much more there was to them beyond the “charms”.  Earrings, and rings and stackables – oh my.  It’s official, Pandora is now one of my favourite brands and will probably be a the top of my gift-giving list for any occasion.  Price point is on point my friends.  Simple & sophisticated.  It’s my kinda vibe.  Sigh, how many times do we make assumptions before we know the whole story?  when we do, we miss out on what someone or something has to offer.  Something that just might very well turn into one of our favourite things.

Photoshoot.  These are quickly becoming one of my favourite things.  I am not a model, I sometimes play the role of a model – but I am definitely NOT a model (I’m pretty sure they don’t eat pizza and hagan dasz, but again – I don’t want to make any assumptions 😉 ).  The reason I love them is because my version of them means that I get to work with some of my favourite people among all of my favourite things.  From clothes, to books, to jewellery.  It’s a match made in heaven for creative beauty and inspiration.  The funny thing is often these photo shoots mean I am pulling all of the things that I love and use everyday.  It’s not until it is literally laid out for you in a “flat lay” that you realize how much beauty and wonderful things surround you.  Make sure you surround yourself with things that you love, they radiate energy.  True story.

What are some of your favourite things this week?