I’ve decided that I like winter up until January 1 – and then, much like the Christmas Tree it all needs to go away until next season.  Yes I agree that there is magic and beauty with the wintery season – but only when its attached to a holiday cocktail, presents under the tree and hanging out by the fire (and by that I clearly mean fake fireplace because who even has “real” ones anymore?).  The idea of winter is beautiful, the reality of it is really just a pile of wet snow pants, salt stains and listening to kids complain about the cold (sigh).  We’re barely half way through January and all I can think about it what the heck that groundhog is going to predict 😉 .  So now that the feelings of dreaming of a white Christmas have passed I am now dreaming of when I can start wearing cropped jeans again (I know, real problems over here).

Alas, these were some of my favourite things this week:

Aritzia.  I am in a very committed – and what feels like, an inappropriate relationship with them.  So much so that one day when I was there shopping with Katie she asked me if they all knew me by name because of Isla Pearl.  Um no, they know me by name because they know I am weak and an easy target.  They are good at their job – ha ha ha.  Aritzia has a sale 2 x a year and one of those times is right now.  For those of you out there that don’t “get Aritzia” I understand why.  You might think it’s a lot of grey, beige and white overpriced t-shirts – and to a degree you are right.  But what I love about it is that they offer basic, stylish essential pieces that NEVER go out of style, never have “seasonal must have” attached to their branding and the quality is second to none.  Call it gross, but I’ve been wearing the same white t-shirt that I bought when I was pregnant with Emmett which means it is 6 years old and still in style-ready condition.  You need help in there, that is the key.  Ask for it and let them help you.  This is the sweater I have been inappropriately wearing basically 24/7 since I bought it – like to drop my kids off at school and on date night.  You’re welcome.

Isla Pearl Turned 1!  Pretty crazy to think that a year ago this little nugget didn’t even exist.  Well, at least not for you anyway.  I was making myself a crazy person working on it behind the scenes without ever knowing if I would hit publish.  Worst case scenario – I would have had a really pretty online tool to document all of my thoughts including my love for sweaters and cocktails ;).  I had never even followed a blogger or knew anything about the Blogging world – and I still struggle at times to identify myself with it.  The one thing I would like to see a lot more of in this giant “Influencer world” (that is what “we” are called) is that people use their platforms from a place of authenticity, awareness with a side order of inspiration.  There is a huge opportunity for platforms such as this to use their voice and influence to make a difference – big or small.  I can see how easy it is to be effected by what is presented on social media.  Make the decision for yourself to only “follow” those who lift you up and who make you feel better (even in a self-reflecting challenging way).

Yoga Training.  When I decided to start Yoga Teaching Training this came as no surprise to anyone that I told.  In fact, people wondered why I had waited so long.  Trust the timing of your life.  How many times I had said to myself throughout my life “I wish I had……” – the thing is, you wouldn’t be where you are if you hadn’t experienced all of the things you did to get you to where you are today.  It is all of those experiences (kind of like practice) that prepare us for what is coming next.  If I had started Yoga Teacher Training a year ago my experience going through it would not have been what it has.  This experience has taught me more about myself then I could have ever imagined – particularly the “not so great” side that we often try to put aside, not own and thus carry around with us day in and day out.  My vision of what I want to do with this training is hopefully going to bring something a little bit different to the table.  Pretty sure the countdown is officially on! EEEK!

Perspective.  Game changers.  We all have them.  A moment, conversation or experience that literally opens our eyes and lets us see life with a whole new perspective.  This kid was my of game changer.  After years of fertility struggles with our first two, he came along like a gift – exactly when I needed him most.  He was my wake up call that life as I knew it needed to change.  The reality is life is full of game changers – we just wait for the really big ones before we take action on what we already know we need to.  He is by FAR (like 10 x FAR) more busy than our first two.  He challenges me in ways I have never experienced and leaves me more exhausted at the end of the day than having a newborn that doesn’t sleep.  He’s here for a reason – and as annoying as it is that he literally just dumped oatmeal all over our white berber carpet, looked at me with a smile and then proceeded to jump in it – he is also my reminder to not take myself – and life, so seriously.

What are some of your favourite things this week?