I was down and out this week with a disgusting cold courtesy of my 2-year old and the daycare germs he has become BFF’s with.  Technically one of my favourite things this week should have come in the form of Advil Cold and Sinus (side note:  this should also come with a warning to not take if you have anything you need to accomplish beyond falling asleep for 12 hours straight #notjoking).  Although super frustrating to be feeling less than 100% during an otherwise “full” time of year I took it as a sign to slow down.  The thing is, when you do finally slow down you get time to enjoy the things you love the most…..we usually just need an external force like a disgusting cold to force us to that breaking point.  Outside of the hustle, bustle and all things merry and joyful that go along with the Holiday Season, here are a few of my favourite things this week:

Katie.  I am so thankful to have this old soul in my life.  She has a natural ability to read situations and with this Momma down and out this week she didn’t hesitate to jump in and help me out from getting the boys what they needed (um – like making their lunches) to patiently assisting a 2-year old with getting dressed in the morning.  She did all of the Holiday Baking that needed to get done this week for Teachers gifts and for “daddy’s work friends”.  I swear she is going to make a way better mom than me one day.  Appreciate all of the people that work behind the scenes in your life – from kids, to friends, to parents, to spouses, to neighbours.  There are always those people who never hesitate to jump in and help out on a moments notice.  Appreciate them – and then hold them really really close and never let them get away 😉

Shopping.  My sister (and shopaholic-parter) and I have been saying for months that we need to find time and get out to shop without a deadline or agenda.  We literally had a 2-hour window pop up right smack in the middle of the week while everyone else was frantically running around finishing off (or even just starting) their Christmas shopping.  Although it didn’t come without a deadline we definitely had a wide open agenda and we took full advantage.  A reminder that sometimes you just need to stop waiting for perfect conditions and take action on whatever it is you are talking about doing (on repeat).  Outside of the fact some essential “comfortably casual” outfits were secured in the form of flannel and knitted leggings for our Apres Ski events (no, I’m not kidding) over the holidays what we also gained was conversation without any of our children in tow.  A full blown Christmas miracle in itself.

Skating Rink.  My husband has a vision for a skating rink in the backyard every year.  We might not have a lot of space to create anything “spectacular” (you know, like flood lights, penalty box and full size zamboni) but what he delivers provides the same level of excitement and appreciation from our kids.  A reminder that at the end of the day its not our kids that come up with these ridiculous expectation of us – but those that we put on ourselves.  The only thing that matters to a 9-year old girl is that she can practice her “routine” in past dance costumes like an Olympic Figure Skater, a 5-year old can hang out with his dad to practice his wrist shot and a 2-year old can stand at the window and watch it be flooded at night and still wake up every morning like it is the first time he has seen “ice” before (and then repeat it over, and over, and over…..and over).  Kids just want our time, its just that simple. 

Surprise Delivery.  While slipping into an Advil Cold and Sinus coma the other day there was a knock at the door.  I ignored it like most people do these days (I mean, what good thing comes from answering the door know-a-days?) but the knocking continued, and continued.  So finally I gave in and dragged myself to the door.  It was the Fed Ex man like an Angel sent from heaven.  He said “are you Susan?  I have a delivery for you”.  Is is terrible that the scene from Christmas Vacation comes to mind and you giggle to yourself that it might be a Membership to the Jelly of the Month Club?  Without having a clue as to who it was from I ripped it open like a kid on Christmas morning.  In it were some of my favourite things, and now a few new ones.  Many thanks to my friends at EOS, Philosophy and Nest for the best smelling random surprise gift I have ever received.  Surprise someone this Holiday Season, it’s not about the gift but the fact you thought of them and did something special for them.  I guarantee you, you will change their day.

What are some of your favourite things this week?