From a Birthday Party to a Blogging Event to a Photoshoot to an hour at Chapters by myself (with a Starbucks) this week was such a fun one.  I’ve had some interesting conversations as of late with people ranging with subject titles that include:  So you’re just a Blogger? to What exactly do you do? to So, is this whole Blogging thing just for “fun”?  (stay tuned – I’m clearing it all up next week).  I’ve said it before (like a thousand times) – when I started doing this I didn’t know what I was doing or have any plan.  The only thing I really cared about was staying true to myself, being authentic in everything that I do and say and inspiring women to create the life they want to live – however that looks and feels for them.

The best thing about NOT having a clearly outlined and numbered plan (you know, colour coded with highlighters) is that you create space for new things to come into your life.  For me those things have been in the form of people and opportunities.  Opportunities that would have have never presented themselves if I hadn’t been open to them.  That is has been the biggest life lesson for me through all of this.  Don’t get so fixed on how things should be or how you want them to be – follow how you want it to feel and the rest will fall into place.

These are some of my favourite things this week:


The Birthday Party.  Katie and I were honoured to be partnered with some of my favourite people behind the brand Glama Gal to celebrate her 9th birthday.  To celebrate all that she is and all that she wants to be – accomplishing her goals and dreams in life.  This spa is WAY more than “the pink” that meets the eye.  Glama Gals cultivates an accepting culture whereby girls are empowered and celebrated for who they are – period.  They consider themselves “Glam-bassadors” of positivity, encouraging girls to develop their confidence by discovering their inner beauty and full potential. Their pinky promise is to empower girls to make a positive change in their world!  If you haven’t checked them out yet – you should.


Spark Sessions.  I was invited by one of the most stylish and delightful Blogger friend-turned real-life friend’s that I know – Renee – to enjoy a day of inspiration and perspective on this new industry and adventure that I find myself in.  I’ve always believed that regardless of your job or what industry you are in, it all comes down to relationships.  Not the superficial “business” networking-like ones (argh – my least favourite thing) but the ones that are authentic.  This girl – established on her own merit and hard work has never hesitated to help me, invite me and provide perspective for me.  This is a girl who puts meaning being #womensupportingwomen and that is something that I am all about.  If you aren’t following her already, you should.


An Hour at Chapters.  I had an hour between a meeting and picking up my kids from school the other day and wanted to check out a few books in real life before buying them online at a cheaper price (clearly this theory does not hold true when you get sucked into mugs on sale and the fact you have qualified to buy the $85 blanket for $35 after spending $50 – but I digress).  I’m sure hormones played some sort of a role in the amount of happiness and gratitude I felt for having the luxury of an hour – with a Starbucks in hand to literally go through every single section of Chapters.  I would love to meet the buying team for this store and give them a slow clap followed by a standing ovation.  Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is on point – including the price.  Someone actually thought I worked there as I stood beside the “Reading Socks” section and promoted them like I was earning a commission.  This store is basically going to fill my Holiday Gift Guide this year.  If you don’t have a pair of their famous Reading Socks, you should.


The Photoshoot.  I am not the photoshoot kind of girl – like at all.  Selfies terrify me and posing makes me nauseous.  It’s just not me.  It feels staged and not-authentic.  But with the next phase of about to launch (ohhhh yes, I said it) it was a necessary step towards my overall vision.  In preparation I started pulling things for the various shots that we were staging and styling for the shoot.  It made me realize that when you pull everything that is a part of your everyday life and put it on display you get a very clear picture of who you are and what you love (um, beyond the jewels and shoes….stay with me!).

Over the past few years I have done a lot of work getting rid of things that weren’t serving or contributing towards the life I wanted to start living – from clothes, to people, to mindset, to beliefs.  There was a moment of clarity yesterday and in every aspect that was captured I felt such a profound amount of love and fullness (I am also aware of how crazy cheesy that sounds).  The takeaway here is – choose and create everything you want in life.  Don’t say yes to or invite things in or keep things that don’t align with your vision and desires in life.  If you haven’t started doing the work, you should.

What are some of your favourite things this week?


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