Hot off the heels of an exciting week last week, was a not-so-great one this week (sigh).  I’d go as far as even saying that it was a shit*y one.  We’re human, and they are going to happen every once and awhile despite our best efforts.  The trick is to not get sucked into a downward spirl with a side order of “woe is me” kinda vibe (remember – the universe responds to whatever vibes you put out, you don’t want the shit*y ones coming back at you).   As far as efforts go, I was digging deep this week – like really deep.  These are the weeks that you aren’t sure if you want to laugh, cry or scream in any given moment – and for the record I did all three – multiple times.

I live my life with perspective – so even after the 3rd straight hour sitting in yet another dentist/specialist’s office (pretty sure just walking through the door = a mortgage payment, but I digress) waiting for the recommendation of how we are going to proceed with treating our adorable 2-year old that now has a smile similar to that of Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber – you can’t help but think that it could be worse.  The fact that he is climbing all over chairs with a toothless smile is a reminder that he is happy and healthy (and clearly hasn’t learned any sort of lesson) – despite the scene the resembled something straight out of a Criminal Minds episode just a few hours earlier.

On that note my favourite things this week are totally superficial – because the rest of this soul searcher dug deep and had very little left 😉


  •  Time.  Oh, don’t kid yourself.  This wasn’t JUST about time, as much as it was time BY MYSELF.  I had 2 hours the other day between a meeting and picking the kids up from school.  I could have settled into my 3rd load of laundry or checked something off of my to-do list, but instead I decided to get myself an expensive latte and check out the new H&M (um, hello you can finally shop online!) at the newly renovated Oshawa Centre.  I’m not sure if there is ANYTHING I enjoy doing more by myself than a Starbucks + Shopping (#perfection).  The result was a pink fur vest for Katie (of course) and a bag of other stuff that needed to be returned that got a giant snub – sigh.


  • Deliveries.  I secretly (not-so-secretly) LOVE it when deliveries arrive at my doorstep.  It’s like the transaction never happened and a gift fairy (otherwise known as my other BFF the UPS man) delivers a box full of joy just for me.  I had one arrive almost everyday this week – some work, some for me, some not for me – I really couldn’t have planned it any better (although I did which makes me a genius).  The best part is my hub thinks it is all for work so he doesn’t even bat an eye.  Genius indeed.


  • Sweaters.  All of these have been “acquired” within the last month (links below for those who also enjoy the gift fairy making a delivery).  I love sweaters because they provide simple style.  I have been wearing one everyday this week – girlfriend jeans (also linked) with a white dress shirt underneath, heels or booties and a statement necklace.  I am a believer in simple yet sophisticated style that you feel good in.  These sweaters are the perfect layer for the cold weather that has “kind of” arrived (pssst….Banana Republic and the Gap have their 50% Friends and Family sale on this weekend – tell them I sent you).

Girlfriend JeansSweater 1 | Sweater 2 | Sweater 3 | Sweater 4 | Sweater 5

What were some of your favourite things this week?


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