This week was a full one to say the least.  Full of decisions, memories and what my husband and I didn’t realize was probably the biggest and most exciting things we have ever done for our kids.  Here are some of my favourite things this week:

  • Pool.  Yep – we did it.  After years of thinking about it and talking about it we finally pulled the trigger and made the decision to move forward on something we have always wanted, but didn’t know if we would ever be able to do.  We are the parents who say “no” to the little things.  We don’t buy them random toys or whatever they ask for.  So much so that we struggle to figure out what to get them at Christmas time and their birthdays.  Instead we believe in experiences and opportunities no matter how big or small they are.  When the water finally went in the pool this week we both felt an overwhelming sense of emotion – for how fortunate we are to be able to have it and how hard we both work to make experiences and opportunities happen for our kids.  It was a moment when we knew we had made a really good decision.  Be thankful for all that you have and all of the experiences and opportunities that come your way because of the hard work you put into your life – you deserve it.
  • Decision.  Who would have ever known that I would be on the path that I am in my work life.  I have never felt more fulfilled and happy about the decision I made to stay at home with our kids so that I could start to build the kind of life we want (um and by that I mean a balanced and not completely losing my mind stressed out kind of life).  Everyday I am filled with thoughts and ideas as to what I want to do with Isla Pearl but while doing so I also want to grow and learn.  After dragging my heels for way too long I finally make the decision to pursue yoga training which will start in September (I’m pretty sure that warrants some new “back to school” yoga outfits).  Sometimes we aren’t ready to take the next step even though we know it’s the right one.  Sometimes we are waiting for the right time (um, which never usually comes).  And sometimes we just need to stop dragging our heels and jump in with both feet without knowing what the plan will be after.  That’s the thing about taking the next step – it will lead you to the next one 😉
  • Balance.  With my daughter away this week it was just me and the boys.  With a party to execute (a surprise I might add) I had a LOT to get done and they had to come along for the ride.  This was basically my trump card being played as I dragged them with me shopping.  I think this may have been their favourite thing of the week.  Sometimes you have to be all in – the better decision would have been the plain croissant based on the aftermath of what you see – but there would have been no excitement or satisfaction like what this double chocolate croissant provided.  Sometimes you have to be all in, know when you need to be regardless of the aftermath.
  • Memories.  This isn’t just a window.  Its a place where I grew up on weekends and throughout the summer with my grandparents.  Its where I fell in love with baking, danced for cows and painted white farm fence for what felt like an eternity.  This week I took my daughter there.  She would have loved it as much as I did.  I have driven past it for years and never turned in the driveway because I knew going there would bring up all of the memories and feelings that I had the moment I got out of the car with her.  I should have gone years ago and used the opportunity of time to soak up and even relive some of the memories I have stored away but I didn’t.  I didn’t because in some way I thought (and hoped) it would always be there.  People and things don’t last forever – but memories do.  Don’t wait until the last minute or perfect conditions before you do or say something you want to.  If you do you will miss moments and opportunities along the way.

What are some of your favourite things this week?