First week of Summer Vacation with 3 kids at home is coming to an end (cue the wine).  My theme for this summer was to “not have plans” and instead to approach each day based on weather and moods.  After week 1 I realize that “not having plans” does mean that you need to have routine – even if it means the “not having plans” is part of the routine at the same time each day.  Not having plans puts my organized, A-type personality to the test but it is also a good reminder that we need to be able and willing to adapt to what we need out of each moment of each day.  Clearly I am a work in progress.  These are some of my favourite things this week:

  1. PJ’s.  Seriously everyone needs a pair of these.  I am a PJ snob (similar to steak, coffee and ice cream).  I am always on the hunt for a great pair of PJ’s which typically results in disappointment or frustration.  I know – it’s PJ’s, what’s the big deal right?  These are so soft and comfortable that you basically want to walk around in them all day.  They are also a 2-for-1 deal because the top is long enough to wear like a night shirt “a la the 1950’s”.  Cue the single beds 😉
  2. Me.  This week “Give Your Mirror a Compliment Day” was celebrated (yep, there is a day of celebration for literally everything).  I think that this is something that as women we should be doing on a daily basis.  It is so easy to get caught up in the things that “we are not” or the things “we are not getting done” but when you compare that list to everything that you are and everything you do – it pales in comparison.  I went out one night for a “work function” (and by work function I mean wine and cheese) and spent some time “fancying” myself up – when I was done I told myself how great I looked.  It was weird – but I figure the more I do it the less weird it will get.  What compliment would you give “your mirror”?
  3. Tradition.  I love sugar snap peas.  It actually has nothing to do with the peas at all but the memories of sitting out at a picnic table with my grandma for hours when I was my kids’ age splitting them apart and pulling the peas out.  I did the same with my kids this week.  There are some traditions that you need to carry forward and there are ones that you don’t.  Figure out which ones are worth holding on to.
  4. Kindness.  This is how this conversation went between a goat and my 5-year old:  “If you are nice to me I will keep petting you”.  This kid makes friends wherever he goes.  Strangers, animals, whoever – he approaches them all the same – with kindness, an open mind and curiosity.  Something we should all be doing more often.
  5. Chalkboard.  Inside the yoga studio that I go to (Moksha Yoga Brooklin – whoop whoop!) is a chalkboard and on it is a new message each and every week – sometimes inspirational, sometimes funny – but what is always consistent is the fact that my daughter reads it every time she enters the studio.  When she quoted something that she read almost a year ago on that chalkboard that I realized it was time we needed to put our Pinterest skills to work.
  6. #Girlboss.  This week I had the pleasure of spending an evening with like minded women who are also chasing goals, following their passion, building empires (come on, you kinda have to have that mentality) while also lifting up, supporting and cheering one another on.  These are the kind of women that you need to surround yourself with.  Women raising other women up because they know that by doing so we make our communities – and one another – stronger.  The sooner we all realize that there is an infinite amount of success to go around the sooner we will ALL reach our goals.

What were some of your favourite things this week?