I have to ask, what does “Living the Dream” really mean anyway?  Last week my Blog reached a milestone of its 1st birthday.  Unlike my first born’s 1st birthday there was no overpriced cake, themed party, loot bags (actually, the more I think about the more I think I SHOULD have a party, but I digress) there was no hoopla of celebration other than a dedicated Blog Post.  Beyond the congratulatory words (thank you BTW) were a lot of comments, emails, messages that came in the form of “Congrats on Living your Dreams” (huh?).  It was like a reaction that I couldn’t even control – this feeling of “what?” followed by “huh?”.

Let’s clear something up ladies (and a few gentlemen).  I am not living “my dream” – at least not in the traditional sense.  To be honest I never had a clear vision of whatever “my dream” was but rather what I wanted my life to feel like.  I’m not sure I know too many people who dream of becoming a Lifestyle Blogger who is almost a certified Yoga Teacher vs. playing in the “big leagues”.  I think we all have a different vision of our dreams, but the reality is – the feelings that come along with those visions are probably very similar.  To feel fulfilled, happy and content with life.  If you aren’t dreaming this way – you should be – because that yacht you want to be sipping Cristal on in St. Tropez one day isn’t going to taste as delicious without feelings such as happiness and joy attached to them.  The bottom line here – don’t dream your life to be full of things a la cars, designer shoes, bags, vacations, homes and red carpets – dream your life to be full of the feelings you want to feel and experience.

My dream was pretty simple when I finally started to think about what I wanted it to be.  So I made a change.  I wanted to start feeling like I was making a difference in someone’s day.  So I made a change.  I wanted to incorporate all of the things that I love about life into my daily life.  So I made a change.  I wanted to start working with people who had the same philosophy and approach to life.  So I made a change.  They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  How many of you continue to dream your dreams – or maybe just to feel different about life, but never make any changes or take action towards actually living them?

Decide how you want to feel and then take steps towards it.  You don’t have to have an end goal or picture perfect vision of what it is.  Just start making changes everyday that lead you towards how you want to feel.  This approach to life leaves you open to receive experiences and opportunities that otherwise would not have shown up in your life (especially if you were too busy shopping for yachts).  Like I said, my dream was to never be an almost certified Yoga Teacher/Lifestyle Blogger.  My dream was to live a happier and more fulfilled version of life I was living.  So I started to.

What steps are you taking towards Living Your Dream?