It happens almost every week.  I am deep in conversation with a friend, partner or a mom at the school about my passion for inspiring women to choose the life they want to live and just like that I am suddenly being asked about the “amazing” shoes or jeans that I posted on Instagram last week – sigh.  This conversation (the latter one) is one that I struggle with – and I’m pretty open about it – even in those exact moment when they come up.

My passion is more about the inside work that needs to happen with women so that they can choose to live their life a little more consciously, with intention and the belief that they don’t need to accept that “stuck” feeling of wherever they might be…..and in the next breath I’m telling them to buy a great pair of shoes (double sigh).  How do I marry these two very different topics of interest (I mean, if you’re following me on Instagram for my latest shoe find – are you also following me for the inspirational messages?  Seriously, I’m kind of asking!) among a whole other list of things that I want to address without it losing its meaning, intention and power.

Yes I said it – power!  Social Media is extremely powerful and influential (um, I for one also run out and buy things that my fave Bloggers promote).  My Instagram feed is FULL of Style Bloggers.  Their vibe is to inspire you with seasonal trendy finds so that you will go out and buy the same thing (earning them affiliate commission and partnership deals along the way…..that is until you realize the coat you just fell in love with is $5000 – seriously, it happened – not the purchase but the price).  It’s genius.  And for any store, mall, company that hasn’t jumped on board with the most direct form of Advertising that could possibly exist – you’re missing an opportunity.  But with this opportunity comes responsibility.  The responsibility that as an influencer you are doing just that.  Influencing other women (Blogger or not) by either getting women closer to or further away from of who they want to be.  And I don’t care who you are, the most amazing pair of jeans is not going to provide you with the long term happiness and fulfillment you are probably in search of.

Style should be the final layer for whoever you are – like an added layer of dimension 😉 .  Do the inside work first.  Feel good about YOU – who you are, where you have been and who you are becoming (when you do, that great pair of jeans will be even better).  No amount of seasonal style finds are going to provide you with that.  If I post about something I love it’s because it aligns with my life – a feeling, look or vision that I have consciously created.  So don’t take those pleather leggings so literally – unless you love them and they bring out feel good feelings for you.  For me, style is a mindset.  What mode do I need to be in on any given day (I think the yoga leggings and flip flops most days speaks for itself).

My belief in living the life you love to live is that you have to make conscious decisions that make sense for you – from family, to career, to style – and with intention.  Go after the “things” that provide you with the emotions of how you want to feel – not how others will perceive or judge you – and definitely not because someone else is wearing it.

Does your style reflect how you feel about yourself?


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