Last week I hosted my first Isla Pearl Lifestyle Day.  The old me would have wanted to throw a celebrity worthy event (trust me, there were moments) and then I realized that I just needed to start small and have a good intention and purpose behind it.  So I did, and then it grew, and grew, and grew.  All because of the women in my life, the relationships I have built and the friendships I have made.  From every partner, to sponsor to attendee it was an example of #womensupportingwomen.

The intent and call to action was pretty simple.  To join me, Smithery and Your Shop Girl for a day of Personal Style. Let me re-phrase that – learn how to style yourself in realistic clothes that you love and feel amazing in.  And that they did.  Here is a round up of my first Isla Pearl Lifestyle Day:  Personal Style Edition.

Every time I picked up the phone or sent an email asking for support the answer was “yes” – without any hesitation.  It was never a conversation about what “they” would get out of it, but instead what they could do to support it.  These are the kind of women you want in your life.  As partners, as supporters and most importantly – as friends.  They are the ones that will lift you up when you need to lifted and the ones that will fearlessly get behind you to make whatever it is you want to come true, come true.

Partners and supporters – in work or in real life are there to help, to make your life easier and quite honestly let you enjoy life with a little less stress.  I want to personally thank all of my partners and sponsors for my first Isla Pearl Lifestyle Day.

M&R Catering.  I have no words.  Well, other than deliciously beautiful.  I have never seen someone put so much passion into the details of a pastry that also tastes just as good.  This team went above and beyond while also honouring and delivering the vision that I had for this event.  I’m a officially customer for life……and subsequently now also a macaron addict.

Flashback Photo Co.  Work never feels like work with this girl.  She is such a positive energy source to be around and as a result the photos that she captures are always incredible.  She’s good at what she does, but I think what she doesn’t even realize is that she she is even better at creating a space for you to feel comfortable and at your best.  Whatever it is, you need this girl to capture your life.

Worth the Squeeze.  I will be honest, I have never been a “healthy juice” kind of girl until Worth the Squeeze juices came into my life.  When the results are “anti-oxidizing, energizing and skin purifying” you can’t help but be converted.  I think my morning shake just got kicked to the curb.  If you haven’t tried these, it’s about time that you did.

Howe & Co.  The hilariously talented genius behind the Swag Bags.  I basically gave her very little to work with and she turned it into a masterpiece.  Every attendee is now walking around town spreading positive messages out into the world (with a side order of glitter) because of Howe & Co.  Thank you for saying “yes” and just running with it.

Mavis Blue.  The talented, funny and supportive “long-lost high school friend now-found” #momboss behind the high-end graphic art that is unique and designed to be personalized for you otherwise known as Nattalie behind the Mavis Blue brand.  She was in town a few weeks about for what felt like working 24/7 at her booth for the One of a Kind Show in TO…..she somehow managed to drop off a box full of cards and prints for my event.  Check out her page – I dare you to not fall in love with it.

Trade Secrets.  Partnership turned friendship.  I have said it before and I will say it again – I have never had a partner do their research and know “who I was and what I loved” as much as Trade Secrets does.  I feel like she has the same vibe as Apple – she knows what I need and what I will love before even I do.  I absolutely love working with them, the products they offer and especially because they were willing to get on board with this event and support me however I wanted them to.  This is what a real partnership looks like.

Mint Floral.  The cutest floral shop that I ever did see.  So much so that when I went to talk to them about the flowers for this event I almost had to be kicked out!  I think I am officially converted to their “Mason Jar” arrangements.  The best gift to give – either to yourself or someone else.

Glama Gal Tween Spa.  Otherwise known as @theggsisters.  Instagram didn’t know what a simple algorithm would do when it brought us together.  This sister duo created a vision and brand with the mission – Be Confident! Be Positive! Be YOU!  Recognizing that girls experience societal pressures from peers, television, and social media, everything they do cultivates an accepting culture whereby girls are empowered and celebrated for who they are.  I think my love for them is pretty self explanatory.

Lisa’s Cakes & Lollies.  Every birthday party that I have attended over the years (I have 3 kids, I’ve been to A LOT) where Lisa’s Cakes & Lollies have been on display I have been stopped in my tracks.  For anyone that knows me, when I fall in love with something or am inspired the moment literally has to stop and I have to learn and find out everything about it.  The most deliciously creative cake lollies that you ever did see.  I may have consumed more than my fair share.

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