“I believe that life should be lived fully, with purpose, intention and a side order of style. I believe that we should surround ourselves with the things and people who bring us comfort, joy and inspiration everyday – not just during the Holidays. The Isla Pearl Holiday Gift Guide is full of everything that I love and the things that I think you will love too” ~ Susan

Because quite honestly being you is worth loving, honouring and celebrating – and we don’t do it nearly enough. You’re busy, I get it but when are you going to ditch the “oh so busy” excuse of not prioritizing yourself. Gasp – I’m just saying….and for the record you know it’s true.

Here are some of my favourite things for YOU:

Lazypants. Yes, there is a difference when it comes to jogging pants. A big difference actually. And much like that mascara I was professing my love for yesterday these jogging pants also fall into the category of “I guarantee you will never wear another brand again”. Beyond the comfort that my lazypants offer my lifestyle is the Manifesto behind them. I mean seriously: “We’re a different kind of lazy. You might think you know lazy but we’ll bet you don’t – and we’re the bettin’ kind. That’s right, we know lazy. Your lazy might be idle and useless but ours is active, upbeat and carefree. Our lazy isn’t ‘time wasted’ our lazy is too busy enjoying the moment. Ours doesn’t miss out on life, it celebrates it. Our lazy is as excited about the downtime as it is about the high life”.

Sweatshirt. If I’m wearing a sweatshirt, you better bet its from Brunette the Label through my friends at Smithery. Founded in 2014, BRUNETTE the Label is a clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC Canada. With all of their products passionately designed in Canada by the babes at Brunette Headquarters, they believe the word BABE to be a way of life, and strive to create a community that is inclusive of all babes. Inspiring, elevating, strengthening each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Ste. Anne’s Spa. Well, I finally went. After years of hearing people say to me “YOU haven’t been to Ste. Anne’s? You HAVE to go” I finally had the opportunity. It was basically like Christmas morning the day that my friend and I hopped in the car heading east on the highway straight towards a little slice of heaven. It was even lightly snowing with a light dusting on the ground. It was almost like they set the stage for our arrival. This was the first time in a long time that I didn’t have to think about a thing other than what temperature of hot tub to slip into, how long is an appropriate amount of time to spend in a eucalyptus steam room or whether I should start with a scone with whipped cream or a butter tart. If you haven’t been, it’s about time you did. Want to up the ante? flip this to your significant other and tell them to coordinate a group gift. Just saying.

What’s on YOUR Holiday list this year?