“I believe that life should be lived fully, with purpose, intention and a side order of style. I believe that we should surround ourselves with the things and people who bring us comfort, joy and inspiration everyday – not just during the Holidays. The Isla Pearl Holiday Gift Guide is full of everything that I love and the things that I think you will love too” ~ Susan

We all have that girl in our life. The one who just gets us, who always has our back – the one who you can’t imagine living your life without.

These are my favourite gifts for HER:

Blanket Scarf, Makeup Bag and Mug. You know those giftables. The ones that you see and you instantly think of that girl in your life…..or even ourselves but we instantly talk ourselves out of buying it for ourselves because we don’t “need” it…..but we do in fact “want” it. Buy the adorable giftables that jump out at you and remind you of that girl in your life – because she is never going to buy it for herself.

Sugarfina. Otherwise known as branding and deliciousness perfection. Seriously, this brand deserves a slow clap. No matter what the occasion they have something for it. Whether it be one little box of champagne gummy bears or creating a custom bento box – you seriously cannot go wrong. Let it be known that once these sour gummies emerged from their box they didn’t have a chance. And I don’t even really like candy.

Shoes & Accessories. Yep, shoes….as a gift because there has never been a better time. All of those Nine West Canada Holiday shoes I’ve been posting? they are all CRAZY on sale. Like, really crazy. Scoop up a pair for her (and you) because they are up to 50% off and than another 40% off – WHAT? exactly, basically free. Um, and these giftables that include feathered key chains, watches, clutches. Again, all things we want, just not the things we often buy ourselves.

Mascara. You think I’m crazy don’t you? I will personally guarantee that once you convert to Trish McEvoy mascara, you will NEVER EVER try another brand again. It doesn’t clump, it does what it says it’s going to do and it doesn’t smudge – like ever. Oh, and the other good part? You don’t need makeup remover to take it off….it will literally come off almost like removing fake eye lashes with a splash of warm water. You’re going to want to put at least 2 in your cart – one for her and one for you.

What are some of your favourite gifts for HER this Holiday season?