“I believe that life should be lived fully, with purpose, intention and a side order of style. I believe that we should surround ourselves with the things and people who bring us comfort, joy and inspiration everyday – not just during the Holidays. The Isla Pearl Holiday Gift Guide is full of everything that I love and the things that I think you will love too” ~ Susan

When it comes to daily essentials I believe that you need to surround yourself with the things that speak to you, that you love and that you never just settle for. These are the things that are a part of your day-to-day life so think about it for a second, if you compromise or settle on those things what else are you setting for (gasp!).

These are my Favourite Gifts for Everyday:

PJ’s. I will admit that never invested in PJ’s until these came into my life. And because I had never invested before there was a little bit of sticker shock when it came to this little slice of heaven pair. A few months in and I will tell you that I would stock pile these for fear that they might become extinct. The top is long enough to wear on it’s own or wear it as a set. They are cozy, stretchy and I will personally guarantee your 100% satisfaction if you too choose to bring them into your life.

Reading Socks. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a pair of these in your life. I mean, I love these things so much that I have been mistaken for an employee at Indigo on several occasions due to the fact I will profess my love for them like I’m leading a Ted Talk. I can’t help it, they are that awesome. I mean, technically they could fall under other categories such as: Gifts for HER and Gifts for YOU but the reality is they are probably the most frequently given gift by me to others. Amazing price point, multiple colours and patterns and basically a solution to end a crappy day that won’t lead to a headache or hangover the next day – just saying.

S’well Bottle. I drink an insane amount of water in a day, so I never leave home without my S’well bottle. I’ve tried other brands and they didn’t even come close in comparison. Keeps me hydrated and my water cold all.day.long. Because seriously, who likes drinking warm water?

Saje Diffuser & Blends.  I will fully admit that I got caught up in what I thought was a trend a year ago, but there was something about Saje Natural Wellness that pulled me in. A year later I am fully convinced that whatever the blend we put in the diffuser, absolutely ends up shifting the energy, mood and air in our house. What I love about Saje is that it is fool proof. No matter what you are looking for or craving, it can probably be found under a category that speaks to you from: hormones, to headaches to yoga. If you don’t have one of these in your life already, you need one. My personal favourite diffuser blends? Aroma Fairy (for the kids) and Celebrate (for the parents).

What are some of your favourite everyday gifts – to give and receive?