This showstopper railing garland started with your basic artificial garland (gasp! we know). Trust us, when we started to drape it on this beautiful entranceway the skeptics were out in full force complete with disgusted looks and sideways glances. But much like everything in life you need to start with a really solid foundation and then build from that. Garland is no different. Don’t get us wrong, garland on it’s own is more than ok – however, if you want a showstopper, professionally designed look you’re going to want to keep reading.

So how do you get this oh-so professional showstopper garland? You’ve come to the right place. The even better news? It’s a lot easier than you think.

  • Measure length of your staircase including any sag that you want to have. Trust us, this is going to save you a lot of time guessing when you are in Canadian Tire, in addition to the time you’ll save not having to go back to buy more (guilty) or having to go back to return some because you bought too much (also guilty).
  • Head to your local Canadian Tire and purchase the following: Garland | Fishing Line | Lanterns | Candles | Ribbon
  • Drive back home.
  • Swag garland from post to post on railing and fasten with fishing line. You’re curious as to why we use fishing line aren’t you? It’s because it is strong and will be less “risky” of making the wood or painted finish. You’re welcome.
  • Either purchase or cut some fresh greenery yourself (we are not responsible for any trespassing that may occur). We suggest using a mixture of pine, cedar and boxwood. Make sure that you don’t cut the greenery too short – as you want to be able to insert it into the artificial garland to create fullness. This is what produces the natural look.
  • Create a swag at the end post and drag it down onto the floor. More drag, more drama. Just saying.
  • Tie your ribbon. One simple but substantial one will do.
  • Place a lantern (or 5…the more the merrier) with scattered candles at the base. Suggestion to use battery-operated candles in this setting – for obvious reasons.
So there you have it. Showstopper garland that will have everyone convinced that you hired the team from Erin Interiors to decorate your home for the Holidays (pssst who else thinks that this is a service that they should offer next year?). Whatever Holiday DIY or decor you choose this season, start with a solid foundation of pieces that you love and then build on it…..this rule also applies to furniture, fixtures, toss cushions and drapery ;).
Happy Holidays Everyone,
The Erin Interiors Team & Isla Pearl in partnership with Canadian Tire