Even when I was little, surrounded by all of my friends at my birthday party I was start to cringe with the thought of all of the attention on me.  I know, it’s shocking (and I’m sure my siblings are thinking “uh huh, whatever”).  As much as I love the idea of all of my favourite people being gathered for a good time and celebration, when it comes to the reality that they are indeed there to celebrate “me” – well, the feeling leaves me with emotions similar to that endured during the first three months of pregnancy.  I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us feel this way – that as much as we desire, maybe even crave – attention – when it comes to fruition it makes us uncomfortable.  It still makes me uncomfortable – whether it be in real life or through a text message – being told that you are great, wonderful, celebrated, inspiring leaves me feeling uncomfortable – like being 5 again wearing panty hose that are too small.

I have spent the last 7 months in Yoga Teacher Training – and one of those weekends stuck out to me, one that ultimately changed the way I see myself – and others.  That through the understanding that everything we see in everyone else – good, or bad – is simply a reflection of what we have yet to “own” within ourselves.  The eye opening part about this for me was that when I looked around the room all I saw were these glowing and amazing qualities around me.  In fact – I even struggled to see “bad” things around me for the most part (alright, relax – I’m not totally in denial about the fact I have not-so-great qualities) but it goes to show how good we are at labelling and owning those not-so-great qualities within ourselves rather than owning and celebrating the really great ones (insert a celebratory cocktail).

Much like anything in life, the more you focus on the “not-so-good” the more you manifest it.  As much as I was moving forward this past year I also held onto a lot of resistance that I now know was a mix bag of “what ifs”, sprinkled with “self doubt” and finished off with “not owning my good qualities” like a giant maraschino cherry on top (I mean seriously – who likes those?).  Just notice – notice when you look at someone else and think something really amazing about them.  Hey crazy lady – it’s in you – you can only recognize what is already in you.  When I finally started to own the “good” things, this whole new life of mine took a major sharp turn.

Here are the 37 (ah hm, just gave away my age) mini-life rules that I live by (insert drumroll):

  1. It has never been a better time to re-write your story than it is right now.
  2. Align your thoughts and actions with the person you want to be.
  3. Your brain believes everything you tell it.  Feed it positive words.
  4. Appreciate every single day, because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.
  5. Find gratitude for everything.  Everything.
  6. Believe in yourself beyond measure.  If you don’t, who will?
  7. Do not judge others and do not let others judge you.  It is probably inaccurate anyway.
  8. You are responsible for your life.
  9. You are stronger than your excuses.
  10. Stop using the word busy.  It’s not a competition and you sound ridiculous.  We all choose our busy.
  11. Listen to your gut.  It is always right (seriously).
  12. Fear of failure is paralyzing (ah hm – those self-limiting what if doubts that creep in).
  13. Live presently.  Life is happening around you all of the time.  You are probably just too busy to notice it 😉
  14. Love yourself shamelessly, confidently and unconditionally – you’ll totally annoy the people who shouldn’t be in your life (aka:  unfollow or unlike “friend” – I get them on a daily basis!).
  15. Nobody can define your worth.  Not even your boss.
  16. Don’t let any title define you or take it too seriously, unless its Supernova.
  17. Things always work out the way they are supposed to.
  18. The energy you put out is the energy you get back, make it positive.
  19. Be kind to others.  It’s just that simple.
  20. Everything you need is already inside you.  You just need to realize it.
  21. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.
  22. You are enough.
  23. For every moment you are wishing and hoping you aren’t really living.
  24. Live with no regrets.
  25. Happiness is contagious. Surround yourself with happy, positive people, and watch your own happiness grow.
  26. Live your own life and don’t compare it to others.
  27. Don’t complain about something you aren’t willing to change.
  28. Start looking at yourself the way your biggest admirer does.  Um, you’re pretty amazing!
  29. Choose your friends wisely.  Surround yourself with people who lift you up.
  30. Show up and work hard.  Life isn’t about handouts.
  31. Let it go.  The body only holds onto emotions from a physiological sense for 90 seconds.  We choose to keep hitting the repeat button (seriously – take your hand off of the button).
  32. Root daily decisions in health, fitness and nutrition as they are the very core of how you function.
  33. To be your best self you must be good to yourself.
  34. You hold the power to feel confident, happy and proud to live in your own skin – YOU just need to believe it.
  35. Express yourself through style and fashion – on your terms, no rules, no judgement.
  36. Find what inspires you to live your life with passion.  You deserve to live a full and beautiful life.
  37. Celebrate you everyday.  Whatever it is.  Celebrate yourself so much that it doesn’t make you cringe and uncomfortable like being 5 again wearing tights that are too small (was I seriously the only one that is clearly scarred by this?).

What are you celebrating today?  (other than your amazing self)