So what did I have you at – Gold Rush Trend or Giftables Under $100? Gotta be honest, for me it’s a toss up. Accessories are my thing. Like the cherry on top that can take an everyday outfit into overdrive and give you the extra mileage. The interesting part to this story (yes, I’m creating a story about accessories – wait for it) is that accessories are also the thing that we often talk ourselves out of. What am I talking about? Let’s start right back at the beginning. We all love to invest in the basics – a great white shirt, those dreamy jeans, the staple black pant (blah – I don’t own any just for the record). Basic, somewhat boring, but definitely necessary. We don’t feel guilty about spending money on these pieces because much like the basic food groups they are a necessity and function of daily living. They give you a foundation to work with but no feeling of excitement are attached to them. From the moment these Nine West Canada pieces arrived in my life I knew I needed them in my life – my daily life beyond the Holiday season. They spoke to me, reflected my personality and added an extra layer of sparkle to my style and mood.

No disrespect to the foundation pieces. I mean, you definitely need a good foundation for anything in life. Beliefs, style, mindset – I think the problem sometimes is that, that is where we get stuck. We’re become cautious, or hesitate or even question ourselves to start adding layers to this solid foundation that we have created. Instinctively we gravitate towards all of these extras in life – the layers that add dimension to our life. And just as quickly as we catch ourselves throwing on some bright red lipstick, gravitating to those rose gold 3″ heels or wearing a jacket covered in sequins, we immediately talk ourselves out of it. Dialogue that might contain (but it certainly not limited to): I will look silly; I can’t wear that to work; It’s too much; they aren’t practical…..and the lame list goes on and on……and on.

So what does Gold Rush have to do with this story? I truly believe that accessories represent a lot in our life. How we see ourselves and maybe even how we want to be seen (gasp!). From sunglasses, to a bag, to shoes, to a watch – you have a choice. You have a choice to go with that gut instinct of yours and buy the oversized one, the bold one, the sparkly one, the one that will drive conversation and attention; or you can let that inner dialogue seep in, take over and allow it to convince you that you aren’t _________ (insert lame and untrue word here) enough to buy it, wear it and own it (double gasp!).

The interesting part to this accessory story, is where we lack in buying ourselves those glorious and glittery things we make up for in buying and gifting them to other people. You know exactly what I am talking about don’t you? You see that glittery bag or feathery key chain and instantly think of someone in your life. You snap a pic of it, you tell them about it and if it’s the Holidays or something to celebrate you might even buy it for them as a gift (personally I like to take these moments as a sign and buy it regardless of the time of year). You feel good about it and dare I say it, maybe even excited. No guilt, no negative inner dialogue, just pure bliss and excitement. It’s true right? I mean, it’s way easier to talk about how amazingly deserving and worthy someone else is of something instead of owning those feelings within ourselves.

So here is my Holiday challenge for you. Every time you come across something that speaks to you, gets you excited and lights you up inside – follow the feeling and act on it. Notice the inner dialogue, and if its negative in nature – silence it…..immediately. Buy the shoes, invest in the sparkle and own it – literally and figuratively. When it comes to the giftables, honour and recognize those people who also light you up and who you want to celebrate…..just make sure to do a quick check in and make sure you are giving yourself just as much love and admiration and not just diverting it and giving it to others (just saying).

Start with a solid foundation. Your beliefs, style and mindset and then add all of the gold, glitter and sparkle that your little heart desires. Seriously, when was the last time you came across one of the above that didn’t leave you feeling warm and even just a little bit excited on the inside. Exactly, follow that feeling. Want to see my top picks from the Gold Rush Trend + Giftables? Hop on over to Facebook and Instagram and see how I’ve already started to incorporate them into my everyday!  Which ones are your favourite?

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