As a mom of 3, stay-at-home-work-for-myself, girl who still likes to keep her style game strong – this Nine West Canada collection quickly had me creating a vision in my head of how put together I would look throughout the Holidays and everyday as I jumped between meeting deadlines (scrambling), baking Holiday cookies (consuming most of the dough before they are baked), checking gifts off my list (as I shove things into the cart amongst groceries as I tell the kids to look the other way) and hosting all things Holiday (now that I actually do have a handle on). The reality of my life – and all moms for that matter, is that we have often run a marathon before the day has officially started (who else considers sitting down with a coffee and scrolling through work emails a “break”?), feel like our behind-the-scenes life is chaos and wonder how the heck we are going to make it through the Holidays without forgetting something (insert sigh). Who’s with me?

As women we are often guilty of always putting others needs ahead of our own, and the Holidays is no different. From gifts, to parties, to gifts for parties, to Holiday concerts that your your kid only has jogging pants and a Star Wars t-shirt to wear to……exactly – our list gets longer, and longer, and longer every moment of everyday (I have literally just opened another window as I type this to add a dress shirt “to cart” for my 6-year old – but I digress). Our minds are consumed with everything that we have to do and the people we need (and hopefully “want”) to see this Holiday season and suddenly we find ourselves at the bottom of the list (double sigh).

So if you are sick of the lists, the overwhelm, the stress and the sighs, its time that you took matters into your own hands and took back the Holiday season – on your terms and your version of it (gasp!). I get it, there are things that we are committed to throughout the Holidays but much like everyday life we have a choice to say “yes” or graciously send your regrets (double gasp!). For some reason the Holiday season makes us throw all logic and control out the window. From cookies to meatballs in a crockpot (no – just me?), to parties, we say “yes” to all of it in mass quantity and then wake up exhausted, full (the meatballs seriously get me everyday), left wondering how and why we got ourselves to this point. In my opinion, if you can filter out the things you really want to do this Holiday season – the things you really want to say yes to than 2018 is going to be a completely different kind of year for you. One that is less busy, less stressed and less about everyone else.

This Glisten Up collection is all about rich velvets and sumptuous suedes accented with beaded assemblages made for 24/7 glamour. But beyond the beauty (and ridiculous comfort) is what it represents and what it really means to glisten. Something I think as women – especially as moms, we need to do and see within ourselves a LOT more than we do (yep, we’re back to the sighs). So Glisten up ladies (see what I did there?) and start to notice, pay attention to and own that sparking light or intermittent glow and shine your way through this Holiday season (um, and everyday) by realizing and giving yourself credit for the freaking supernova that you are instead of letting the Holiday list of to-do’s get the best of you.

So here are my Top 5 Holiday survival (and thrive) tips that I plan on implementing this Holiday season so that I can glisten a little bit more:

  1. Say “Yes” to the things that you want to do and people you want to see this Holiday season;
  2. Say “No” to the things that you don’t want to do and people you don’t want to see this Holiday season;
  3. Re-write Holiday traditions that don’t suit your personal and/or family life (i.e. formal Christmas dinner at 6 pm on Christmas Day when kids have been up since 3 am with excitement might even fall into this category – yikes!)….um, pretty sure I’ll be spinning this one off into an entire Blog Post;
  4. Take time out for yourself. Coffee, cocktail, shopping….maybe even all at once (I’ll deny I suggested it);
  5. Treat yourself. Life is about balance, so as the energy of the Holidays rises make sure you balance it out with things that you love to do. Coffee, cocktails, shopping, yoga (clearly I have a theme to my life). Um, my favourite way to treat myself during the holidays? Stuffing my own stocking or buying Christmas gifts for myself that I then proceed to wear and use before Christmas (whatever). Need some inspiration? Here are a few of my faves: watch | feather key chain | work-from-home shoes/slippers

Moral of the story: enjoy the Holidays (and everyday) on your terms, eat the cookie (without the guilt) and treat yourself – you deserve it, ALL of it. What tips are you going to put into practice this Holiday season so that you can glisten a little bit more?