Well, the Erin Interiors team has done it once again. Designing and decorating a home for the holidays that left thousands of attendees on the Station Gallery Holiday House Tour speechless and in awe. This is the fifth year that the Erin Interiors team has decorated a clients’ home for the tour but the first year that they decided to do something a little bit different. After hearing “this is from Canadian Tire – wow?” about a thousand times during last year’s Holiday House Tour they realized that they had an opportunity in their hands.

So what did they do? They reached out and the rest as they say is history. So just to get everyone up to speed I (Susan from Isla Pearl) and Erin (Erin from Erin Interiors) are sisters, entrepreneurs, and for the first time are joining forces to showcase the Canadian Tire CANVAS Holiday line, all that they have to offer and how they take all of the guesswork out of creating a polished and pulled together holiday look.

The reason we wanted to do this? Because we think that no matter what the project, all we need is a little bit of direction (or maybe a lot….that’s when you hire her), some inspiration and most importantly a plan. With a virtual show of hands how many of you get an idea and then immediately run off to stores trying to pull together whatever Pinterest image that you have fallen in love with to only have it fall flat on it’s face? Erin and her team are believers (advocates, sticklers, you get the drift) in having a plan and sticking to it. The long term outcome is that you will fall in love with your decor, your space and ultimately your home. And when you think about it, where we live is the foundation of so much of our lives right? how we start and end our day and in turn, the mood that it creates for us.

The point here is if you don’t love your current Holiday decor it might be time to toss it to the curb (gasp!) and start fresh and with a plan that you can work away at. Example – start with your main room where you spend the most time or your main Christmas Tree (we say main because in this family we have a tree in every single room including bedrooms #truestory) this Holiday Season and then stock up with more once Boxing Day sales hit (we know, groundbreaking idea). The reason we all love the CANVAS Holiday line from Canadian Tire is that it is reinvented every season so you don’t need to panic about it not being available next season. In fact, we’d say that it gets better and better every year so even if you start with your plan now, it’s only going to elevate your ornament game moving forward.

No matter what your style or favourite colour is of the season Canadian Tire has it. In fact, it’s organized by colour (#genius) which makes it impossible to have a Holiday Decor fail. We were so excited, inspired and a bit relieved that this year’s CANVAS colour of the season was Alpine White because lets be honest – could we have had a better ‘canvas’ to compliment this collection? Many thanks to Canadian Tire for saying yes without hesitation and surprising the home owners with a generous gift for their family to enjoy for years to come.

How are you getting inspired this Holiday Season? Be sure to follow along for Holiday Decor DIY’s featuring the CANVAS Holiday line from Canadian Tire.