Crazy Hair Day.  Any mom knows what I am talking about when their kids excitedly hand you the letter from school indicating that the oh-so-special day of the year has finally arrived.  I mean, next to Christmas, crazy hair day is a close runner up in our house.  When the letter came home last week I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I thought about a conversation my sister-in-law and I had one day about her analogy regarding “birth order and how crazy hair day reflects how far we have come with our parenting approach”.  Huh?  It goes a little something like this:

  • 1st Born.  Letter comes home from school, you do the following:  1. Mark it in your calendar; 2. Set alert reminders on your phone 3. Go to the beauty supply store to stock up on $100 worth of hair extensions, semi-permanent hair dyes, clips, bows, glitter spray and the like; 4. Practice 3x before crazy hair day just to make sure it is right; 5. On crazy hair day you set your alarm to get up 3 hours early to create your masterpiece and then send your first born off like a proud stage mom.
  • 2nd Born.  Letter comes home from school, you do the following:  1. Mark it on your calendar; 2. You send your 1st born to check out the status of the crazy hair day supplies in the bathroom cupboard left over from their first crazy hair day;  3. Give the supplies a shake to make sure they still work and say to yourself “this will do”;  4. Your 1st born wakes up early and reminds you that it’s crazy hair day; 5. Your 2nd born complain and say they don’t like it; 6. You say “too bad” there is no time to change it.
  • 3rd Born.  Letter comes home from school, you somehow don’t see it.  You do the following:  1.  Arrive at school to realize it’s crazy hair day; 2.  Spit on your hand, lean over and mess up their hair and tell them they look great before sending them on their way.

The reality is, having 3 kids was my sweet spot and what ultimately made me a better mom to all of my kids.  I know, right – um, hello the more kids you have the more spread thin you become (or so it would seem).  In many ways I think that is how it works for a lot of us – that we have to be SO spread thin, or hit a breaking point, or whatever – before we suddenly start to realize that we need to focus on what matters most.

That crazy hair day isn’t about having the craziest hair (oh come on, you’ve thought about it – ha ha ha) and making yourself stressed out in the process.  It’s about your kid going to school and being a part of something.  It’s us that create the pressure, anxiety and hype around it, whatever “day” it is – and that is the message that our kids absorb in the process…..whether it’s crazy hair day, or crazy hat day (sigh, that’s tomorrow), find your sweet spot of enjoying the experience.

Somewhere between having my 1st and my 3rd I became a mom that let the little things go and instead started to focus on the bigger picture.  About trying to find a blend of excitement, happiness and peace in every experience instead of panic, stress and anxiety.  You think I’m crazy?  refer back to the 1st Born crazy hair day as noted above.  It’s about perspective, priorities and focusing on what matters most to you and what you want for your kids.

Side note:  My 1st born considers crazy hair day to mean adding an American Girl coloured hair extension to her hair and my 2nd born said that the black eye he is currently sporting would draw more attention than having crazy hair anyway so he bailed on it.  My 3rd born rubbed some toothpaste into his hair this morning.  Pretty sure crazy hair day is not our strong suit in this house 😉