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  • I started off this week doing a talk about authenticityhellip
  • This is how we feel about this week  Therehellip
  • If you want to have success you cant make successhellip
  • This girl and I have been BFFs since she enteredhellip
  • Baking mode is in full force this week as Katiehellip
  • So I got asked to do a talk this morninghellip
  • Stepping into this weekend like  Well after an earlyhellip
  • A few months ago Katie got to step in fronthellip
  • Seriously its true For the past few weeks ah hmhellip

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Do you suffer from what I used to? have plans, dreams, ideas and then sit and wait and do nothing about it? Do you wait for the perfect circumstances or moment to arrive, but it never seems to come? What if you just started by taking the next natural step - the one that makes sense for you and where you want to go. What if you got out of your damn head and followed that gut intuition of yours that has probably never led you astray. What if? How would your life open up and what would it look like?

Want to figure out how to actually put this into practice? Join me at my next workshop and let's figure this sh*t out 😉

Workshop: Give Your Ego the Heave-Ho
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What is it about Fridays that leaves us totally feeling as though we can take on whatever it is that gets thrown at us?

What was your moment this week? the one that had you at your best sayin' "I got this"?
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Stuck in a rut always feeling like the world is conspiring against you? Raising your frequency and aligning your energy will open your life up to incredible experiences, insights, feelings and opportunities. All we have to do is start taking action to allow all of this good flow into our lives.

By opening up space in the body and mind we are sending out an invitation to the universe for some fresh, new and growth inspired beliefs that will become the stepping stones to a new way of life.

Want to join me? I have a few spots left!

Workshop: The Law of Attraction
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Workshop: The Law of Attraction

October 27, 2017, 7:00pm - October 27, 2017, 8:00pm

A 4-Part Workshop to create the stepping stones to help move you to start manifesting the life that you want to be living. Workshop #2: The Law of Attraction ~ Raising Your Vibration & Getting Prese...

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I'm a big believer in how you feel in your clothes sets the tone for your day and how you carry yourself through it. What "outfit" do you feel at your best in, the one that feels like armour or a power suit of sorts? ... See MoreSee Less

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