Spring style and trends are starting to sweep across the nation and I for one have filled up more online carts than I care to admit. Its natural at this time of year or during any season change (in this case it is more like we want it to change as I stare outside my window to 10 cms of snow falling to the ground). Where was I? Ah yes, Spring. The season of fresh and new. A feeling all of us want in on. But let’s stop and think about a beautiful garden full of fresh blooms for a moment, they wouldn’t be so beautiful if all of the dead weeds and plants from last season weren’t cleaned out and cleared first. When it comes to a garden it’s easy for us to see what needs to be cleaned out, when it comes to the inside of our house – not so much.

So if you are like me and cannot wait for all things Spring, before you step into it with all thing coral and floral pause for a moment and start to weed things out so that when it does officially arrive (ah hm, according to the groundhog not for another 6 weeks) you can actually enjoy it. Seriously, start to weed stuff out now (just like you did your garden back in the Fall) so that you can add to it without the guilt and with a lot more organization.

For the most part I consider myself an organized mom. I mean, I’m not all that into formal titles or accolades but I do think that being organized is a key ingredient to survival in a house full of kids. Keeping things simple and streamlined is the baseline in this house that also keeps me from losing my mind every morning while also helping to create independent little souls. So before you go hitting that “checkout” button for all of those spring finds I want you to pause. Because I am telling you first hand that Spring will officially feel lighter and fresher if you clean things out and get organized first. The good news is that I have a discount code for those of you who are on board, all in, and want to make the most of Kitchen Stuff Plus’ Organization Event. But first things first, here are my Confessions from an Organized Mom:

Organize First. Buy Second. Trust me, I have no shame admitting that plastic bins and organizers bring me almost as much excitement as a new pair of shoes but before you get ahead of yourself you need to get organized first. Don’t go out and buy all of the shiny new storage containers and holders before you clean things out. It’s easy to get carried away, but all of those caddies and organizers won’t do you any good if they don’t fit into the space you are trying to organize (ah hm – like drawers, cupboards, under the bed) or actually solve a problem that you currently have. Clean things out, measure spaces and then make a list. I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy doing these 3 things bring to my life.

Be Realistic. As much as I would love to dedicate an entire week (maybe month) to organizing my entire house, it’s just not realistic. Especially if organizing isn’t really your thing. Pick one area of your home that you are going to work on. In my humble opinion, start with the one that you dread the most. The one that you have been avoiding. I know – insert feelings of “ugh” and a “giant sigh”. Here’s the thing, you have NO idea how much that space actually weighs on you. Clean it out and start to organize it. You will be shocked at the motivation that it sparks to get moving on other things that have been weighing on you.

Commit. For those of you who don’t love to commit I suggest you take a deep breath. Newton’s First Law states that an object in motion stays in motion until acted upon by an external force. In this case that external force will more than likely be you. And that external force may come in the form of bagging things up to be donated or things you are going to take to the dump and then – well, they sit in your front hall, or garage or the trunk of your car. Complete the process and get rid of it. And then while you’re at it, head straight to Kitchen Stuff Plus to get the supplies you need to finish organizing the space.

Keep It Up. Over time I have established routines and check-in points on the spaces in our house I know will quickly unravel into complete disasters without having them in place. Plastic container drawer, baking sheets/tin drawer, shoe bin to name a few. Think of all of those areas in your home that drive you crazy, where it is easy to become – dare I say it, LAZY and then start to create routines so that you don’t find yourself circling back to the same thing every single day.

Achievable Solutions. Create and implement routines and organization in your house that is realistic for right now. As much as I dream of having professionally designed closets that would rival Kim Kardashian’s, that is not the reality of my current life (and I have no desire to try to keep up….get it?). I would rather have realistic and achievable expectations and solutions so that I am not waking up and living each day frustrated. For example, if you want your kids to put their shoes away and hang up their coat you need to have an achievable way for them to do this independently.

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