I had this moment last week, I mean – we all have those moments – when we stop and take notice.  Maybe the outcome or result of something hard we have been working on, maybe an Oprahish “ah ha” moment, or maybe a moment when your emotions take over you because life as you know it is exactly how it should be.

When I started on this path it was a new one for me.  Like slate clean, no expectations and no idea as to what each step would look like.  As exciting as this might sound, it is also terrifying, exhausting – but the result is what I can only describe as an enlightened life.  Yeah, yeah – roll your eyes.  When you have no idea “who” you are in a new world you have the opportunity to question every move and every decision that you make (you know, kind of the same thing as “I’m new, therefore I have no idea”).  I realized quickly that I needed to set a foundation for myself.  Something that rooted, grounded me, almost an intention of sorts that I could always come back to when I felt myself starting to drift.

As much as I love all of the positive things that I believe the social media world provides (yes, it’s a world of it’s own), it’s also a place that is very easy to lose yourself, get off track or get swept along.  Articles, posts, pictures, videos, whatever – are out there sending messages to your sub-conscious mind (you know, the one I like to refer to as that “little bi*ch”).  Just like in the “real world” you need to have a strong sense of self, stay rooted and grounded without losing yourself.

I am not a big player in the Social Media world (um, yet…ha ha ha).  I do not have millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers like some do, but what I do have is an authentic voice.  And that is the most important thing to me.  It’s important because I know that when I use my voice, my words are my own without strategy behind it.  It’s who I am and it’s important to me because I never know who is out there reading my words, how it might effect them and how it might influence them……even if it’s a great t-shirt.

The one thing I promised myself when I dove into this social media world this was that I was NEVER going to compromise who I was and I was never going to get caught up in the game of followers, likes, etc. in a way that would mean selling my soul (trust me, it happens).  You know when you are little and you like “so-and-so” and you want them to like you and someone says to you “you don’t need to change who you are for them to like you, if they don’t like you they aren’t worth it” – it’s kind of like that (side note:  they were right).  Changing who I am just to appeal to someone does not resonate with me.

In a Social Media world that thrives on numbers, followers, likes, whatever, staying true to yourself is a hard thing to do.  You get tested every single day.  To stand your ground, have an authentic voice and be yourself without getting swept along or get caught up in it, but I remind myself of the promise I made to myself.  To stay true to who I am and what my message is.

So you’re thinking to yourself “ok great, why are you talking about this”.  Whether it is social media or “real life” you need to know who you are.  What keeps you grounded and what you can come back to when you feel like you are being pulled off track.  Root your decisions with this intention in mind.  Who you are and where you are going.  Living this way means that those who surround you will be the people who should be there, who you want to be there.  Like attracts like, and the reality is those are the only people I want surrounding me, following me, and “liking me” (ugh, I hate social media terms).  You have to determine what is more important to you – staying true to who you are, or compromising your sense of self so that someone might “like” you.  If it’s the latter, the reality is they aren’t liking the real you anyway…..I know, it’s like being in grade 2 again.

Never compromise who you are and stay true to your intention.  When you do the right people show up, they will listen, they will watch, they will pay attention and they will be influenced by you.  Make sure it’s authentic because whatever it is, it represents who you are.