“A worldwide study by Dove reveals a staggering 96 per cent of women around the world describe themselves as average, leaving just four per cent to admit they consider themselves beautiful.”

Based on statistics alone that means that almost all of you reading this – other than maybe 1 or 2 believe that you fall into the “Average” category.  I have always believed that how we see ourselves as women determines almost every aspect of the rest of our lives – that what we believe, we become.  The unfortunate reality is if you already categorize yourself as “average” – what other boundaries and limits are you putting on your day and on your life?

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend the day with my annoyingly positive and happy Stylist friend (she’s one of those people that you look at and think “is she for real?” – but she really is).  For the record she has earned this title not because she loves to shop or help people pick out clothes – but because she helps people see who they really are and helps them to feel good in what whatever they are wearing.  In fact – she has told me that the reason she does what she does is because she sees how much women look at themselves in a negative way and she wants to inspire, influence and change it.  Her mission everyday when she goes to work is to help women (even if it’s just 1) to see themselves as beautiful – not just find a pair of jeans that fit.  In many ways, she believes this is her calling – and I have to agree.

So when we found ourselves in an overcrowded, sale-frenzy-inspired change room last week she went right to work (without even realizing it) reaffirming how beautiful every woman looked when they stepped in front of the mirror.  And just like that I was a witness to seeing perceptions start to shift.  Even if it was for a minute, they believed they looked beautiful.  It was a moment they believed it – and when you start to string moments like this together you can’t help but wonder how they will change their perception permanently of how they see themselves.  All it took was another woman – a complete stranger to tell another woman that they looked beautiful.  You don’t need to be a Stylist to help them see their beauty.  You just need to be someone that stops and tells them.  Take the time to stop and build another woman up – starting with yourself 😉

What we need to start realizing as women is that we have a choice to make everyday.  A choice to tell yourself you are “Average” or “Beautiful” – and whatever choice you make will more than likely change how you walk through the rest of your day.  Dove captured this inspiring study in a video – it comes with an emotional warning.  One that might just open your eyes to how you see yourself while realizing that you do choose what “door” you walk through everyday.

Which door would you have chosen and why?